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The Pastels

The Last Great Wilderness - 2022 Reissue

    The Last Great Wilderness is the soundtrack to the debut movie by David Mackenzie. It was produced with John McEntire and features a guest appearance from Jarvis Cocker.


    SIDE A
    1. Wilderness Theme
    2. Winter Driving
    3. Vincente's Theme
    4. Flora's Theme
    5. Charlie's Theme

    SIDE B
    1. Everybody Is A Star
    2. Flora Again
    3. Dark Vincente
    4. Wilderness End Theme
    5. I Picked A Flower

    The Pastels

    Slow Summits

      The Pastels return after 16 years, their first album proper since 1997s ‘Illuminations’; their collaborative works, ‘The Last Great Wilderness’ soundtrack / theatre commissions and the ‘Two Sunsets’ album with Tenniscoats keeping the band busy since then. ‘Slow Summits’ gathers on all these works but moves off in newer and older ways too, with its flowing montage of autumn instrumentals, pop songs, slowmotion build ups and suddenly optimistic melody lines.

      Recorded in Glasgow by John McEntire and Bal Cooke, ‘Slow Summits’ features the core Pastels line-up of Stephen McRobbie, Katrina Mitchell, Tom Crossley, Gerard Love, Alison Mitchell and John Hogarty.

      Guests include original member Annabel Wright (Aggi) and Norman Blake, two-thirds of To Rococo Rot (Stefan Schneider and Ronald Lippok), and Tenniscoats. ‘Kicking Leaves’ also features a memorable string arrangement from Glasgow-based composer Craig Armstrong.


      Andy says: Thought they'd gone all JAZZ or something?!? Fear not: this is a glorious return from Stephen and co: gentle, considered, warm and melodic. Really lovely stuff.

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