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The London Dirthole Company

Modern Ist EP

    The giant avalanche that is THE LONDON DIRTHOLE COMPANY is back with another slab of prime-time partisan punk noise. With a Futurist disdain and Dadaist sense of sardonic humour, the MODERN IST EP celebrates the realities of the Family Of Noise as a truly interactive social experiment. The genuinely odd bunch of protagonists that make up the bands personnel stretch the boundaries of conventional group structure and methods. A truly outsider approach that reverberates with its nebulous intensity and spirit of joy. The result is a fractious cacophony created (on this record) by four drummers, 3 guitarists a bass player and 2 different vocalists. Live the band rotate up to a dozen singers if occasion and availability conspire. The music has elements and attitudes in common with The Monks, Velvet Underground, Pussy Galore and The Fall without any direct plagiarism or imitation. These bands are but ships in the night to the Battleship Dirthole and its crew of desperate fellows. PROFESSOR THE CONFESSOR is an intimate memoir of utterances from the dark recesses of The Professor’s mind. CRYING ONIONS is a sleazy ballad of all-consuming pleasure, timeless romance, sensual purgatory, erotic possession, empty tears, disrobing and eating an onion. TOMORROW, TODAY faces up to the bleak realities of a passion consumed and the vagaries of the staring up from the gutter as you watch your former partner dance the same dance you fell for with someone else. The strapping fit and healthy London Dirthole Company pedigree on this recording; The Nuns, Pulkas, Echobelly, Headbutt, Felix Moment Power Trio, Lot Lizards, Project Dark, Headcleaner.

    London Dirthole Company

    The Sounding Alley Tapes

      The gnarled bloody revenge that is THE LONDON DIRTHOLE COMPANY is back with another set of tales celebrating the absurdities of life and mankind’s futile role as it stands with the ripped out still fluttering heart beating to survive against all the odds. Part prime-time partisan punk noise, part Futurist disdain with a full dose of Dadaist sense of humour.

      Recorded with the regular live line up of the last 12 months (4 drummers, 3 guitars, bass and 3 different vocalists) producing the band’s blistering blend of Monks, Stingrays and Pussy Galore and like all these seminal bands, they have pulled apart the possibilities of 60s garage music and dragged them fighting and screaming into the 21st Century, albeit entirely with the vintage equipment of the day of course.

      LDC have also continued in their adopted music hall tradition of having multiple guest turns. This time in the form of regular contributors; Medway poet-cum-agit artist Sir Sexton Ming and Miss Bongo Debbie (Headcoatees, Nuns, A-Lines etc etc), plus the legendary back from the dead punk raconteur Mr Dick Scum (Armitage Shanks), songstress of love Miss Ludella Black (Masonics, Delmonas, Headcoatees) on vocals. The deft sax-work of Mr Terry Edwards (Madness, Gallon Drunk etc etc), who took time out from working on Yoko Ono's Meltdown Festival 'Double Fantasy' finale, to contribute, with last but not least a few guitar squiggles from meanest guitar this side of Rochester High Street, Mr Mickey Hampshire (Milkshakes, Masonics etc) completing the picture.

      All in all there are 17 tracks of the bands signature intense melee of short sharp punk, short sharp pop and darker heavier psych-outs clocking in at around 45 minutes in total.

      Recorded at analogue studio Gizzard, a place that really suited the hard, fast and loud working methods of the band, engineered by Ed Deegan, a kindred spirit in experimenting and bastardizing the fuzzy edges of music, LDC have in many ways, come of age.

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