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The Gun Club

In My Room - 2023 Reissue

    Yes! It exists! Here are the unreleased recordings of what would have been the very last album of The Gun Club. Recorded in the very last period of the band, between 1991 and 1993, the studio recordings that Jeffrey Lee Pierce did with The Gun Club, with maximum quality and excellence of sound and presentation. What Jeffrey Lee Pierce exposes here is highest vocal and guitar performing, from sounds which remind us to Jimi Hendrix and Television, to truly intimate heartbreaking blues, going through soul and rock. Includes covers from The Who, Wilson Picket and more.

    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

    The Screaming Gun Demos

      This stand alone companion album to the deluxe self-titled album reissue collects demo versions from the 1999 Screaming Gun sessions which have never before seen release. The tracks "Sulk", "Soul Searching" and "Motor Bass" have never been released period. The other tracks are different versions of the tracks from the Self Titled album and from the original Screaming Gun, which also have never been released. These tracks are mastered for this release, sourced from the original DAT masters, and curated by BRMC.


      1. Wasting Away (Demo)
      2. Weight Of The World (Midrats Mix)
      3. Soul Searching (Demo)
      4. Wasting Reprise (Demo)
      5. Screaming Gun
      6. Fail Safe (9 9' Mix)
      7. Sulk (Demo)
      8. Too Real (Acoustic Demo)
      9. Motor Bass (Demo)

      The Gun Club

      Preaching The Blues

        Limited deluxe 7 x 7” singles box set featuring the phenomenal original run of singles with two bonus singles exclusive to this set. All housed inside a lift-off lid box with a booklet featuring an essay by Clinton Heylin, reminisces from Thurston Moore, Henry Rollins, Mark Lanegan, X and Dan Stuart, rare photographs and flyers, new exclusive issue of the ‘Fire of Love’ fanzine, Ruby Records postcard and a ‘Gun’ button badge. Limited availability.

        If ever there was a band seemingly determined to come from nowhere and go straight back there, it was The Gun Club. Jeffrey Lee Pierce’s search and destroy combo was spawned by the L.A. punk scene in 1979. Two years later their first LP, the incendiary Fire Of Love, was spewed out by Slash Records, a matter of months after the punk zine Pierce wrote for, and the label named itself after, breathed its last. Fire Of Love was one of the 80s’ genuinely shape-shifting US debuts, igniting post-punk depth and minting genres including blues, psychobilly and Americana.

        Jeffrey Lee Pierce was an extraordinary character. Learning to play guitar at the age of 10, he quickly immersed himself firstly in reggae and later the Delta Blues, particularly works by Tommy Johnson & Robert Johnson. By 1976, he had become obsessed with Blondie, going on to become President of the West Coast Blondie Fan Club. It was Jeffrey Lee Pierce who suggested to the band they cover ‘Hanging On The Telephone’. The Blondie connection would later resurface in 1982 when Chris Stein signed and produced The Gun Club for his Animal Records label. In 1996 after releasing seven studio albums, 37 year old Jeffrey Lee Pierce sadly passed away following a stroke. What he left behind is a legacy of work that has had a prolific effect on some of the most distinguished rock acts of the past 20+ years, these include Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Sonic Youth, The White Stripes, Mark Lanegan, Primal Scream and The Black Keys.

        6 x 7” singles reprinted with original artwork

        Additional ‘Miami Demos’ 7” exclusive to this box set

        All singles remastered especially for these vinyl editions

        Booklet featuring never-before-seen photographs, flyers and rare ephemera.

        In-depth liner notes from acclaimed author Clinton Heylin, as well as exclusive reminisces and words from Thurston Moore, Henry Rollins, John Doe & DJ Bonebrake of X, Dan Stewart of Green On Red plus more

        Exclusive-to-this-box issue of ‘Fire Of Love’ Fanzine by Mike Mastrangelo

        Rare Ruby Records Promotional Postcard

        Bonus Gun Club ‘Gun’ Badge

        All housed in a lift-off lid box with stunning never-before-seen Jeffrey Lee Pierce cover photo


        1. Ghost On The Highway (1982) - Ghost On The Highway/Sex Beat
        2. Fire Of Love 1982 – Fire Of Love/Walking With The Beast
        3. Miami Demos (1982) – Carry Home/Brother And Sister
        4. Death Party EP (1983) – The House On Highland Ave./ The Lie/Death Party
        5. The Great Divide (1990) – The Great Divide/Crabdance
        6. Pastoral Hide And Seek (1990) - Pastoral Hide And Seek/Black Hole/Emily’s Changed (Live In Paris, 91)
        7. Cry To Me (1993) – Cry To Me/Give Up The Sun

        The Gun Club

        Lucky Jim

          This is the very last album Jeffrey Lee Pierce recorded in 1994 and probably the darkest record he ever recorded. The most telling track on the album is A House Is Not a Home, an electric scorcher with Pierce telling his, and his band's, life story; by the end they were a band without a country, dismissed in America and met with indifference everywhere else except in the Netherlands.


          1. Lucky Jim
          2. A House Is Not A Home
          3. Cry To Me
          4. Kamata Hollywood City
          5. Ride
          6. Idiot Waltz
          7. Up Above The World
          8. Day Turn To Night
          9. Blue Monsoons
          10. Desire
          11. Anger Blues

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