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The Exorzist III

Gospel Jamming Vol 1

    I won’t revamp the credentials of guitarist Drew St Ivany (Laddio Bolocko / Psychic Paramount) here but you do need to know that he is 1/3 of The Exorzist III. If you are familiar with either of those mentioned bands (and if you are not please quickly give yourself a history lesson/catch up), the maxed energy attack they have created on ‘Gospel Jamming vol. 1’ will be aural bliss to you as it rips and explodes from the opening track ‘Jabber’. Throughout a musclebound throbbing bassline takes the lead role and anchors these hypnotic heady jams, as a vortex of pulsating guitars and driving grooves propelled by drummer Nick Ferrante that are tight and locked in (and The Exorcitz III GROOVE), it's disorientating and punishing but at the same time blissful.

    The music created is single-minded, it exists at higher elevations of decibel, intensity, motion and spills freely over the walls of genre, lost in the joy of the classic combination of excess volume and repetition with crushing levels of heaviness all enveloped in a white noise fury. Like Glenn Branco’s wall of guitars, the shamanic cacophony of The Boredoms, psych-melters Comets On Fire and so much in between - It is punk in its fury, noise in its rash extremity, and psychedelic in form.

    For anyone that likes to get lost in sound be forewarned: this is one of those 'peak experience' brain-melters, just light a match and see it combust spectacularly.

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