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After offering us the Portuguese producer's 'Summer Nights' as their second release, Thank You revisit the work of Jacky Ferreria for their fifth instalment, scalping the finest moments of his 1991 cassette release "Dança Alegre" for a floor filling 12" reissue. "69 Bingo", previously available to vinyl fans as the B-side to the "Dança Alegre" 7" (feat light-hearted spanking sleeve) lets loose with percolating, almost freestyle percussion, squidgy bass sounds and a superb off-beat piano riff, maxing out the Mediterranean house vibe. In house edit master Castro drops the piano and ups the fx for a perc mix to close out the A-side, and then we're on to "Fico So" a slow and sensual cut on a street-soul / Balearic tip - very handy for the erection section I reckon. Then there's just time for the absurdity of "24 Rosas", heard here in its DJ Fruhstuck form. I will personally cover the cost of the copy for the first DJ brave/stupid enough to play this track out...


Patrick says: Early 90s Latino house heat on the A-side, smooth, slow and sensual Balearic bizz on the flip!

Sound Metaphors reissue sublabel Thank You comes through with an official, remastered reissue of two top notch post Italo / Balearic house beauties from 1989 here, Jacky Ferreira's "Summer Night" and "Eu Já Não Sei". In its original incarnation "Summer Night" sees the Portuguese producer fuse optimistic synth strings and delicate chimes over a hydraulic bass synth and solid club 4/4 to create the ultimate beachside pumper. Label fellows Castro & Nemo offer their own extension on the A2, bringing the romantic chimes and dreamy down tempo piano riffs to the fore and slowing the beat slightly - finding exactly the right balance for end of night euphoria - buzzing!
The B-side belongs to "Eu Já Não Sei", an uptempo bit of late 80s Euro-pop complete with crooning vocals, Spanish guitars, twinkling arps and a strong smell of Brut. If you're not feeling those sleazy Portuguese vocals, might I suggest you wrap your ears around the Versão Instrumental and dance away into the sunset.


Patrick says: Euro-pop / Balearic house perfection here from those fine folks at Sound Metaphors. Jacky Ferreira's "Summer Night" is as tasty as a Portuguese tart and sounds fresh as it did in 89!

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