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Galaxy II Orchestra

Acid Rain

    Forgotten side project production from 1986, by Grammy award winning sound engineer Chris Lord Alge. Two versions of an oddball leftfield electro downtempo chugger and one previously unreleased patriotic monologue acompanied by heroic emotional piano - to be served with a sense of sarcasm. 

    After offering us the Portuguese producer's 'Summer Nights' as their second release, Thank You revisit the work of Jacky Ferreria for their fifth instalment, scalping the finest moments of his 1991 cassette release "Dança Alegre" for a floor filling 12" reissue. "69 Bingo", previously available to vinyl fans as the B-side to the "Dança Alegre" 7" (feat light-hearted spanking sleeve) lets loose with percolating, almost freestyle percussion, squidgy bass sounds and a superb off-beat piano riff, maxing out the Mediterranean house vibe. In house edit master Castro drops the piano and ups the fx for a perc mix to close out the A-side, and then we're on to "Fico So" a slow and sensual cut on a street-soul / Balearic tip - very handy for the erection section I reckon. Then there's just time for the absurdity of "24 Rosas", heard here in its DJ Fruhstuck form. I will personally cover the cost of the copy for the first DJ brave/stupid enough to play this track out...


    says: Early 90s Latino house heat on the A-side, smooth, slow and sensual Balearic bizz on the flip!

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