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Mechanical Keyboard Sounds: Recordings Of Bespoke And Customised Mechanical Keyboards

Yes, at last! Kinky keyboard porn! Whisper porn! Vinyl Porn! And all at the same time.! And what an ASMR treat we have for you here. Recordings of 12 incredible bespoke mechanical keyboards made and recorded by the master of this modern art, Taeha Types. Yes, this is actual typing sounds on amazing future / retro / cutting edge keyboards. Every track different. Every keyboard different. Listen and weep. Or sleep. Or something. An INCREDIBLE and UNIQUE listening experience. The first mechanical keyboard album EVER!!!

For the last few years a small scene has been growing. The mechanical keyboard scene. It’s now quite a big scene actually. It makes total sense as most of us use keyboards everyday, so why not have an amazing keyboard to use instead of the total crap one you have. I mean just look down. It’s shit isn’t it. So, some people worked out that things could be improved. A lot. So they started to make incredible, kinky keyboards, using both old and new tech: and the possibilities and options in construction are endless. There are key cap options (GMK ABS, PBT etc etc), spring options (Cherry MX, Pandas, Alps etc etc) and even backplate options (steel, aluminum, copper etc etc), and of course case options too. And all these options make a big or little difference. And once made these keyboards are carefully lubricated spring by spring to give them that little extra smoothness and “ping”. The results are beautiful, fetishistic, futuristic in an odd retro style, and they sound AMAZING when they are typed on. This is classic ASMR / whisper porn, the gentle click and rattle of carefully lubed springy keyboards make the hairs on the back of your neck rise. Either that or they gently woo you into a peaceful, sublime state. This is a classic and groundbreaking new Trunk album for our modern stressful times.

The recordings on this album are the first ever release of mechanical keyboard sounds. They are from a selection of (enhanced) keyboards from the 80s, 90s and now. They were recorded by the master maker of the modern mechanical keyboard, Nathan from Taeha Types. He has a large following on Instagram, YouTube (videos of his hands typing on his keyboards hit 10K in just a couple of days after upload), and he now has over half a million views on his Twitch channel where he constructs keyboards live.

Sleevenotes on the album have been put together by Jonny Trunk and Stu London (AKA Futurecrime) from the London mechanical Keyboard scene. He knows what the fuck he is talking about. And you might not understand it, but you can catch up real quick. Like I did.

Album mastered by Jon Brooks, who also really understand these sounds. And if you don’t, don’t worry, lots of others will.



1. Apple M0110A (1986-1990)
Plastic Case, Mitsumi (Malaysia) Switches, Steel Plate, PBT Keycaps

2. Apple M0116 (1987-1990)
Plastic Case, SKCM Orange Alps Switches, Steel Plate, PBT Keycaps

3. Chicony KB5160AT (approx 1986)
Plastic Case,SKCM Blue Alps Switches, Steel Plate, PBT Keycaps

4. Mekanisk Fjell - Built For Apex Legends Professional Player NRG Dizzy
Aluminium Case, Holy Panda Switches, Lubricated, Brass Plate, GMK ABS Keycaps

5. HHKB (Happy Hacking Keyboard) Pro 2 (2006-present)
Plastic Case,Topre 55g Switches, Lubricated And Silenced, Plastic Plate, PBT Keycaps

6. IBM 5140 (1986)
From Convertible PC, SKCM Brown Alps Switches


1. IBM P70 (1990)
Plastic Case, Alps Plate Spring Switches, Steel Plate, PBT Keycaps

2. Kyuu (2019)
Aluminium Case, Lubed Gateron Ink Switches, Brass Plate, GMK ABS Keycaps

3. Keycult No.1/65 - Built For Rainbow Six Seige Professional Player G2 Pengu!
Aluminium Case, Lubed Cherry MX Brown Switches, Aluminium Plate, GMK ABS Keycaps

4. TGR 910 RE – (2016)
A Keyboard Made Out Of Polycarbonate. Brass Plate, Lubed Nixdorf Cherry MX Black Switches, GMK ABS Keycaps

5. TGR Alice (2018)
Aluminium Case, Carbon Fiber Plate, Lubed Vintage Cherry MX Black Switches, GMK ABS Keycaps

6. Zambumon Verne (2019)
Aluminium Case, Lubed Gateron Inks, Brass Plate, GMK ABS Keycaps

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