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20th Anniversary reissue of Garbage's acclaimed second album. 

The eponymous Garbage debut was a critically acclaimed if unexpected smash. Version 2.0 cemented the reputation of the each of the individuals in the band as leaders in their field. It also announced that Garbage was not just a one-off studio creation but well and truly a band with every intention of conquering the world on its own terms. If there were any doubts that Vig, Erikson, Marker and Manson were not serious about their intentions the doubts were put to rest with their successful sophomore release.Butch Vig, Duke Erikson, and Steve Marker brought to the band a lifetimes worth of production and experienced music making. That experience was married to Shirley’s insightful lyrics and lead singer presence. This combination made for a grand success and spectacular music which many would try to imitate but few would ever master. Platinum certified Version 2.0 would be nominated in 1999 for Grammy’s album of the year and best rock album. In 2000 the single Special would be nominated for Grammys best rock song and best rock performance by duo or group. 


Barry says: The newest wave of 'Things I Remember Being Into That Have Had 20 Year Reissues' is possibly the best, with Garbage's seminal 1998 classic still brimming with nuanced electronics, Manson's iconic voice and Butch Vig's unrivalled production prowess. Still completely stunning.


1. Temptation Waits
2. I Think I'm Paranoid
3. When I Grow Up
4. Medication
5. Special
6. Hammering In My Head
7. Push It
8. The Trick Is To Keep Breathing
9. Dumb
10. Sleep Together
11. Wicked Ways
12. You Look So Fine

Bonus Tracks - Deluxe Formats Only:
13. Can't Seem To Make You Mine
14. 13x Forever
15. Deadwood
16. Get Busy With The Fizzy
17. Soldier Through This
18. Thirteen
19. Lick The Pavement
20. Medication (Acoustic)
21. Tornado
22. Afterglow 

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