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Blurtations (RSD23 EDITION)


    The follow-up to Snapped Ankles' 2018 RSD release, 'Violations' (which included new recordings of songs by Can, The Fugs, Joey Beltram and Comateens), 'Blurtations' sees the woodwose focus their eye on the work of a single artist. Ted Milton's post-punk Dada-jazz stalwarts Blurt blazed a trail for acts like Snapped Ankles, and 'Blurtations' assembles covers of some of their finest works, including 'The Fish Needs A Bike'. Packaged in a full sleeve and pressed on yellow vinyl, 'Blurtations' will be available on vinyl exclusively for RSD 2023. The EP builds on the success of 2021ís 'Forest Of Your Problems' album, which has seen Snapped Ankles grow their reputation as a formidable live force, with dates around the world. 


    A1. Alouette
    A2. Machina Machina
    A3. Tube Plane
    B1. Some Come
    B2. The Fish Needs A Bike
    B3. Planet You

    On the back of 2017’s Come Play The Trees and 2019’s superb Stunning Luxury Snapped Ankles return with the utterly brilliant Forest Of Your Problems.

    Growing out of the bohemian East London art performance scene the band have previously cited influences as diverse as Fela Kuti, Morris dancing, Old Norse texts, Jean Luc-Godard, and Lightning Bolt. Whilst playing warehouse and squat parties the self-confessed “forest folk” kept their identities secret by taking to the stage in shamanistic costumes, ghillie suits being the attire of choice in the past. A few line-up changes later and this still mysterious band continues to baffle and enthrall in equal measure.

    On their third album Snapped Ankles descend from the trees once again but the forest is not what it once was, the ancient woodland of Come Play The Trees is now awash with filthy money and gentrification. With guitars set to stun and synths in tow, the four piece tells the story whilst getting your feet shuffling and your body moving.

    “Rhythm is our business, and it’s time to get down to business!” is their mantra throughout Forest Of Your Problems and they thoroughly oblige with tribal beats, propulsive kosmische grooves, electronic pulses, and raucous half-spoken / half screamed post-punk vocals.

    Imagine a paganistic brew of Goat’s woodland psych, Can’s motorik beats, Gang Of Four’s punk-funk and Mark E. Smith’s snarling vox riding over the top of it all. The forest has a new soundtrack, it’s time to get down there and dance to the beat.


    Laura says: A perfect amalgamation of 70's post punk, Fall-esque ramblings, tribal beats and driving Krautrock grooves. We like!!!

    Barry says: Snapped Ankles are back! Their first two outings went down super well in the shop, and this latest offering moves even further down the post-punk wormhole, but maintaining their bang-on dedication to a riff. It's a delicate mix, balancing the rawkous fire of their previous LP's while maintaining a cohesive audio narrative but is pulled off with aplomb here.


    1. A1. Forest Of Your Problems
    2. A2. The Evidence
    3. A3. Shifting Basslines Of The Cornucopians
    4. A4. Undilated Lovers
    5. A5. Susurrations (In The Forest)
    6. B1. Rhythm Is Our Business
    7. B2. Psithurhythm
    8. B3. The Prince Is Back
    9. B4. Xylophobia
    10. B5. Forest Of Your Problems (Outro)

    Snapped Ankles

    21 Metres To Hebden Bridge


      Blistering live recordings from Snapped Ankles' triumphant sold out tour of the UK, recorded at the legendary Trades Club in Hebden Bridge in Yorkshire.The unique Snapped Ankles live experience in your own home.Stunning Luxury indeed.On leaf green transparent vinyl exclusive to RSD, with printed outer sleeve and download code.

      Snapped Ankles have taken on the guise of the very agents of their community’s demise – the property developers and brokers who heat the market on the promise of ‘Stunning Luxury’. With their adopted warehouse habitat under constant threat, the woodwose have taken this sharp-suited incarnation in order to infiltrate. The resistance starts here.

      From humble forest beginnings via bohemian East London on debut album Come Play The Trees, Snapped Ankles are moving on. The log synths have been transformed into gaudy “To Let” and “For Sale” signs, which have become the new instrument of choice for the discerning woodwose. The sounds they eke out of the housing bubble are as frenzied and unstable as you’d expect. Dystopian bangers. Illicit thrills. Stunning Luxury moves quickly through life in the capital: microdosing mindfulness in the morning, a poisoned nod to the marketing department, investment portfolios and death by same day delivery.

      The primal rhythms and forest chants are all present and correct. On the surface it’s hedonistic business as usual – a communal dance for the ages. But there’s a sense of discomfort too. There’s subversion, but it’s not clear who’s subverting who. There’s a message, but it’s often fragmented. Keep dancing. Keep foraging. Perhaps the woodwose are human after all…


      Darryl says: Throbbing pulses, primal motorik melodies and fiery post-punk aggression spew forth from the sophomore Snapped Ankles outing. Continuing on from 2017 triumphant debut ‘Come Play The Trees’, it’s as if they were born to make this sound. A destabilizing stew that moves the body and the mind.


      CD: LP:
      1. A1. Pestisound (Moving Out)
      2. A2. Tailpipe
      3. A3. Letter From Hampi Mountain
      4. A4. Rechargeable
      5. A5. Delivery Van
      6. B1. Three Steps To A Development
      7. B2. Skirmish In The Suburbs
      8. B3. Dial The Rings On A Tree
      9. B4. Drink And Glide
      10. B5. Dream And Formaldehyde

      When the city starts to encroach on the forest, nature will find a way to reclaim what is rightfully hers. Snapped Ankles come as messengers. On debut album Come Play The Trees they hold a mirror up to us. They’re here to plant the seed. They’re here to have a good time, but never at the expense of their natural habitat.

      Snapped Ankles have emerged from the woods clutching an album that feels simultaneously modern and ancient. This is what dance music will sounds like when computers finally fail us. Log synths, bass guitar and sticks on taut animal skin coalesce to form fearsome primal rhythms. Fuzz guitars rubbing up against dirty rolling arpeggiated synthesisers to ignite wild white noise fires. Forest folklore passed down through generations, has made its way onto the tracks. Subjects veer from dystopian futures to railing against Swedish flat-pack furniture, from the films of Jean-Luc Godard and Andrei Tarkovsky to throwaway YouTube comments. High art and cultural detritus are all fair game - a brave new world indeed.

      • This is Snapped Ankles debut album

      • Since relocating to bohemian East London, the woodwose have integrated seamlessly into the creative firmament, setting up camp at the Total Refreshment Centre

      • The videos for singles ‘Jonny Guitar Calling Gosta Berlin’ and ‘I Want My Minutes Back’ offer a glimpse into the off-kilter art-house minds of Snapped Ankles and display a certain preoccupation with spaghetti

      • A dish best served live: wildmen dressed in ghillie suits coaxing unholy noise from a forest of logs, wires, drums and guitars.


      CD: LP:
      1. A1. Come Play The Trees
      2. A2. Hanging With The Moon
      3. A3. I Want My Minutes Back
      4. A4. Jonny Guitar Calling Gosta Berlin
      5. B1. Let’s Revel
      6. B2. Tuesday Makes Me Cry
      7. B3. The Invisible Real That Hurts
      8. B4. True Ecology
      9. B5. Come Play The Trees Outro

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