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Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra

Techstar: Original Score

    Shawn Lee is one of the most prolific musicians of his generation. A multi-instrumentalist, producer, singer songwriter, composer and Radio DJ, he has released 35 albums as an artist to date. He has played, produced and written on hundreds of records. He has worked with a diverse range of artists including Jeff Buckley, Kelis, Saint Etienne, Money Mark, Amy Winehouse, Jonathan Jeremiah, Darondo, Adrian Younge, Tony Joe White, Robbie Williams, Incognito and Princess Superstar to name just a few. Lee’s music has been used extensively in both film & TV – including Monuments Men, House of cards, Orange is the New Black, and many other notable placements. After a 5 year hiatus, Shawn makes a welcomed return to his Ping Pong Orchestra moniker with the Spacey concept album “TECHSTAR.” This imaginary soundtrack album is filled with Cosmic Funk, Boogie, disco and Library /OST vibrations; both highly electronic but also heavily organic. Based around the characters & happenings on a space station, called Techstar is an interstellar Las Vegas in space! Mr. Lee blasts off into the outer regions on his latest Sci-Fi opus. Space is the place... 


    1. Orion O’Neal
    2. Ursa Major 7th
    3. Space Shuffle
    4. Lexina Walks In
    5. Star Chimes
    6. Lexina’s Theme
    7. Sexy Sylvie
    8. Captain Stone
    9. Tenaka’s Theme
    10. Freddie Guitar
    11. Hobots Theme
    12. Carlos Theme
    13. JT Space Cumbia
    14. Razor Sharp
    15. Doctor B
    16. Dirk’s Jerk
    17. Vegas In Space

    This is music with no rules or preconceptions; pooling ideas and observations into music that can be raucous, sad, reflective, powerful, wistful, or whatever it needs to be. With vibrating harmonies and primal beats at its heart, sounds and words form together in response to the lives we all live.

    Silver Fox is a place where anything can happen, where ideas are free to move and change. Pulling together lyrics and sounds from collective experience, Silver Fox create music that surprises and refuses to be categorised. Silver Fox make intuitive sounds led by a responsive, if-it-feels-good-do-it approach, giving free reign to all ideas large and small.

    Their self-titled album with Upset the Rhythm will be released on 18th November 2013. Recorded in one day, Silver Fox partnered up with their long-time friend and producer, Andrew Hodson (Warm Digits), to create an album that reflects the energy of their live performances.

    Silver Fox are Susie Green (vocals, keyboards), Rebecca Knight (drums), Laura Lancaster (guitar, vocals), Rachel Lancaster (bass guitar, vocals). They formed in 2009, and have had well-received single releases on M’Lady’s (Waves on in/Marble World) and Milk (Capital Kiss/Arosa) in 2012.


    01. Hearts Made Here
    02. Arosa
    03. Bed Bed Bed
    04. Silent Movie Eyes
    05. Force Of Habit
    06. Horn Of Plenty
    07. Marble World
    08. Do One
    09. Capital Kiss
    10. No TV
    11. Waves On In

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