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Candido / First Choice

Jingo / Let No Man Put Asunder - Moplen Edits

Contemporary Disco remix guru Moplen steps up to the Salsoul archive and turns in 2 absolutely stellar reworks of some solid evergreens. Always remixing and reworking with the utmost respect and understanding Moplen takes these classics into a new direction, working from the stems and retaining the funk, soul and grooves of the OG's. The disco mix market is a busy one these days with lots of people taking a shot at the classics in their bedrooms, but not these, these are legit, heavyweight mixes created by someone who knows! Candido's 'Jingo' sounds completely fresh, beginning with a totally unheard first few bars, rearranged piano motifs and dubby sounds bristle up against the percussion, all with an even heavier focus on the Cuban, Latin roots of Candido Camero's sound, amazing!

You've heard this one before, but not like this. On the flip is First Choice's all-out anthem 'Let No Man Put Asunder' - again a truly original reimagining of a stone-cold classic, using the percussions and infamous vocal vamps to devastating effect, absolutely essential versions here. Moplen has truly done the business. This one is HOT. Sleep at your peril!


Sil says: Hot summer nights require hot anthems like these pair on this Salsoul offering. First Choice and Candido get the Moplen touches to make them even more dancefloor dynamite than they already were. First Choice set it all off with true classic 'Let No Man Put Asunder' and on the flipside you have the latin fever anthem 'Jingo' by Candido. Moplen speeds it up a bit to max effect. Two bombshells on one 12". Both incredibly good.

Salsoul Records have always stayed one step ahead of the game. Since the labels inception in the early 1970's the imprint's focus has been firmly fixed on presenting the most cutting edge dance music sounds and in the process the label has been instrumental in creating legends and shaping the landscape of contemporary club culture throughout the original Disco era and beyond. It comes as no surprise that many of todays labels and artists cite Salsoul as a fundamental influence on them and their output. The labels music has been endlessly rediscovered, sampled, re-edited and appreciated over and over again, your favourite DJ's and selectors undoubtedly reach for tracks from the catalogue each time they play. This is why Salsoul continue to collaborate with the best labels and artists out there today.

This is where Italy's Sounds Familiar crew come into the picture, for them Salsoul was always inclusive and for the people. The label’s music was — and still is — food for the soul. Sounds Familiar has been about bringing a different flavour to club culture since its inception. Their artists may or may not be known to the masses but their collective and individual influence on global music trends and club culture is inherent and indelible. Salsoul and Sounds Familiar coming together is like a Sunday lunch where generations of friends and family cook together. The food of our grandmothers and forefathers getting a fresh new spin as their children come of age and return to the family home.

Featuring a stellar array of internationally renowned underground diggers, DJ's, producers and remixers including DJ Spinna, Mark Grusane, GE-OLOGY, Twice & Volcov, Kai Alce and Specter, this special collaborative release shines a light on the deep corners of the Salsoul catalogue, lovingly reworked for 2018's discotheques by those who know, feel and understand the label, the dancefloor and respecting traditions while adding something a little bit different and a little bit new.

Even when it’s a little bit different, it still Sounds Familiar.

Salsoul Records present a crate digging anthology of the funkier side of their catalogue - 'An essential collection of dirty New York grooves from the Salsoul stable'. Primarily a salsa label on its inception, Salsoul delved into numerous styles throughout its existence but this killer selection focuses on the rawer sounds.
Featuring artists such as the labels legendary in-house orchestra, Carol Williams, Destroyers, Gary Criss and Joe Bataan and many more this amazing compilation features those slower, more grooved out jams that have been lurking in the recesses of the vaults. Take the mighty 'Rattle Snake' by Carol Williams, a lesser known, four to the floor strutting piece of dancefloor bliss that delivers and then some, or the immense, spaced-out deep soulfulness of The Destroyers Tom Moulton produced rarity 'Slave Of Love', everything is here that the underground dance music lover could ask for and then some....... all graced with that Salsoul quality and touch. Essential.
Curated with the full input and backing of Salsoul Records and carefully selected to reflect the truly timeless nature of the music contained within. For listening, for dancing, for turning on a party! Remastered by Optimum Mastering. Artwork & design by Million Dollar Disco.


Stop Holding Back / Falling In Love - Inc. Shep Pettibone 12" Mix

A true rarity from Salsoul's vast archive here, one for the bonafide boogie heads out there. This has gotta be one of the rarest Surface records in existence, housing three cuts of that amazing early 80's funk that only Surface can do! A licensed late 90's pressing of this particular EP became highly sought after and has since been impossible to track down for even the most dedicated diggers.

3 full length jams presented here, including a wondrous mix from the legendary Shep Pettibone of the classic 'Falling In Love', also included are the previously unreleased 'Stop Holding Back' and 'When Your X Wants You Back'. This whole record is pure heat, one for the aficionados. Properly licensed, wonderfully remastered and reissued for the dancefloor! You're not gonna find a more solid, well rounded example of that killer post-disco, electronic funk than this collection of cuts. Essential. Snoozing not advised!

Philly's Double Exposure have undoubtedly earned the title of Disco legends, their music has long been part of the heartbeat with numerous classics under their belts. Their mighty release 'Ten per cent' was the first commercially issued 12" single and subsequently ushered in the notion of the format as a 'go to' in the clubs and among DJ's. Originally thought of as a fad in a world where the 45 was king, this 12" release unknowingly changed the direction of dance music and music promotions practically overnight. Disco history indeed.

Having worked over the years with some of the biggest producers and arrangers in the game, Double Exposure have benefitted from the talents of people like Norman Harris, Tom Moulton, Bunny Sigler and even in later times, David Morales and Frankie Knuckles. This isn't to say the boys themselves were slouches though, their iconic vocals have laced many classics over the decades. Featured on this fine compilation is a collection of Double Exposure's biggest tracks, all the proper mixes are here, untouched, respectfully sequenced and re-presented in their entirety. Mixes from Walter Gibbons, Tom Moulton and Bobby 'DJ' Guttardo all included. Loud and extended 12" mixes are the order of the day. A truly essential package for the die-hard Disco aficionado or for those who are exploring this most important movement in dance music for the first time. Curated with the full input and backing of Salsoul Records and carefully selected to reflect the truly timeless nature of the music contained within. For listening, for dancing, for turning on a party! Remastered by Optimum Mastering. Artwork & design by Million Dollar Disco.

Surely no other orchestra can claim the dancefloor kudos of these guys - The Salsoul Orchestra. They've literally played on, shaped, crafted and executed numerous classics since their inception in 1975. As Salsoul Records' in-house band they were quite literally, instrumental, in the personality and sound of one of dance musics most famous and respected labels.

With over 50 members at times the orchestra offered a level of musicianship and sophistication that hadn't previously been seen in the 'dance' music of the time. Their repertoire has been sampled, flipped, mimicked, and coveted 1000's of times over the years, such is the impact of this group of musicians. This hugely enjoyable bumper selection of some of the orchestra's highlights is pretty much essential, featuring some classic mixes and edits from the likes of Danny Krivit, Walter Gibbons, Larry Levan, Shep Pettibone, John Morales and Tom Moulton you can tell that is pure quality from start to finish. A truly essential package for the die-hard Disco aficionado or for those who are exploring this most important movement in dance music for the first time.

Curated with the full input and backing of Salsoul Records and carefully selected to reflect the truly timeless nature of the music contained within. For listening, for dancing, for turning on a party! Remastered by Optimum Mastering. Artwork & design by Million Dollar Disco.

Various Artists

Larry Levan's Paradise Garage - The Legend Of Dance Music Vol 4

    Following on from the previous 3 volumes of high quality Disco heat dug from Salsoul's legendary back catalog we have here the 4th and final installment of selections that were favored by DJ-demi God Larry Levan on the dancefloor of his seminal, game changing NYC nightclub The Paradise Garage.

    That's right, high quality Disco, Boogie, Funk & more is the order of the day here with prime-time hits flawlessly rubbing shoulders with underground cuts in a way that mirrors Levan's open mind & faultless ear for music.

    This is an essential release for those who dig the Disco sound & want to have all these incredible records in one place, or for newcomers who wish to explore the sounds & vibe of one of the greatest DJ's of modern times & who want to get down to some of the tracks that have shaped modern day club culture. His never before released remix of Sparkle's "Handsome Man" sits alongside classics from Candido, The Salsoul Orchestra, First Choice and Instant Funk.

    Re-mastered, re-pressed & re-released for 2015 in full conjunction with Salsoul records New York City.

    Various Artists

    Salsoul ReEdits Series One: Dimitri From Paris


      Part one of a new Salsoul Re-edits series launches with four reworks from disco aficionado DimitrI From Paris. Available on vinyl for the very first time, Dimitri adds his deft remix touch to Salsoul favourites from Loleatta Holloway, Inner Life, Love Comitte and Skyy.

      Various Artists

      Salsoul ReEdits Series Two: Danny Krivit (Salsoul)


        Part two of a new Salsoul Re-edits series launches with four classic edits from seminal edit king Danny Krivit. With over 45 years behind the turntables, if anyone knows what little extra touch a record needs to work on the dancefloor…it’s Danny! Taking his editing skills to four classics from the Salsoul vaults, Danny delivers once again.

        Leroy Burgess

        Heartbreaker / Stranger

        Just when you thought it was safe to put away your wallet, Salsoul go and reissue another diamond from their extended vauts, pleasing the ears of any with a single boogie bone in their body. Originally released in 1983, this killer double A-side "Heartbreaker / Stranger" features the songwriting prowess and vocal majesty of the mighty Leroy Burgess, alongside the one and only Shep Pettibone on the mix - Pow! "Heartbreaker" hooks you in right from the off, boasting the most groovesome boogie bassline around alongside classic Jomox programming before sizzling synths and Leroy's deep and soulful vocal delivery lift us up to cloud nine. On the flip, "Stranger" sees Leroy in euphoric mood, working some soulful seduction over an MJ-esque backing complete with tuneful backing vocals and killer horns - I dare you to stand still when this one drops. 

        'Salsoul Boogie Essentials Vol. 1' is the first in a new 12" series from the seminal NYC disco label, specialising in all things BOOGIE!

        Kicking things off we get the 7" version of Creme De Coco's 'Disco Strut', which bridges the gap (if there is one) between boogie and 2-step soul - a sublime, sensual hip grinder. Next up is the equally sexy 'Body To Body Boogie' by ORS / Orlando Riva Sound. With its barrage of falsetto harmonies it's clearly inspired by the Bee Gees, but retains a slinky underground club vibe - is it me or is it hot in here? The ears of old ravers will prick up as the needle drops on Aura's slo-mo groover 'Such A Feeling' - so that's where Bizarre Inc. got that vocal sample... Rafael Cameron's 'Boogie's Gonna Get Ya' completes the package, served up here as a Francois Kevorkian 12" Instrumental Mix. Swooshing synths, classic boogie keyboard lines and clanking cowbells work a treat on this more upbeat number.

        Yep, these Salsoul boogie tracks really are essential!

        Various Artists

        Dimitri From Paris Pres. My Salsoul CD

        The French sophisticate selects his own personal favourites from the Salsoul archive and mixes them up for this Japanese-initiated project. 15 tracks of classic disco (Double Exposure, First Choice, Inner Life etc) and less well-known joints (Joe Bataan, Charo, Rafael Cameron...) with the added bonus of a handful of exclusive Dimitri re-edits!


        2xLP Info: 2xLP - Unusually, the vinyl contains the DJ mixed version, chopped into four manageble chunks.

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