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Reach Out is back after they made a splash with their first release Chazz - "Sassy Style" and the wonderful edit Red Greg delivered for the crew. Hailing out of Paris and Amsterdam, this is a relatively new gang fighting for territory of the dancefloor, but seemingly conquering most others in their path at the moment. What sets them apart is them officially sourcing their material, meaning no shoddy vinyl rips or bootleg pressings. Fully legit - fully high def!

Set across themes day and night, side A explores Loft-esque disco vibes with tracks from Incognito and Paladin tastefully chopped and garnished by Patrick Gibin and Cracken respectively. Moving into night, side B opens with an uptempo electro-disco chugger, "Extraterrestrial Lover" sliced up by Chicago stalwart Mark Grusane with Bayko's marvelous oddball disco nugget, "Marevo" cut-n-pasted by an anonymous producer for the record's final fling.

There's a real panache on show here; four highly skilled chefs cooking up the best sonic soul food with nothing but the highest quality ingredients. It's a dish of disco delights you'll want to get your ears digesting at every opportunity. 


Matt says: 5* disco edits here. File alongside other royal stables such as COMBI, Black Cock, Eros etc.


Incognito - Who Needs Love (Patrick Gibin Edit)
Paladin - Third World (Cracken Edit)
Sylvia Love - Extraterrestrial Lover (Mark Grusane Edit)
Bayko - Marevo (Unknown Mix)

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