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Four tracks of esoteric and spatial electronica are served up on Quartz’s debut release for R&S Records.

Via releases for Metalheadz, Rupture London and System Music, amongst others, the ascending producer from Cardiff has impressed with his unique take on drum & bass, and more recently via grime influenced dubstep.

A thrilling hybrid of sounds and rhythms are pulled together on the ‘Deity Spear’ release as Quartz deploys angular breakbeats, gargantuan bass tones, convoluted rhythms, and panoramic sound design across four mesmerising tracks.

The opening track ‘Lilac Cobwebs’ is a reference and homage to his deceased mother, featuring a snippet of one of her last voice notes to him, and a reference to a colour he fondly remembers of her.

A spellbinding and dense release from one of the UK’s most audacious producers.


Matt says: R&S are at it again, scouting the talents of Cardiff's Quartz aka Elliot Garvey. The music speaks for itself - hi-tek & scrambled DnB with metallic sfx and that moody, space-age, dystopian aesthetic that pulls it straight outta the future. Mega stuff.


A1. Lilac Cobwebs (ft. Selena Jones) 
A2. Deity Spear 
B1. Cosmic Horror 
B2. Switchblade Groove 

Outrageous Cherry

Stay Happy

    From the same Detroit-based family that gave birth to the Sights, White Stripes, Dirtbombs, and Electric Six comes another rabble of Detroit mainstays: Outrageous Cherry. Ballads, outer space atmospherics, distorted rock'n'roll wig-outs and symphonic arrangements.

    Outrageous Cherry

    Our Love Will Change The World

      Detroit's psychedelic pop kingpins Outrageous Cherry return with "Our Love Will Change The World" a shorter, sweeter, harder-hitting package of future rock'n'roll classics tuned to the classic AM radio zeitgeist, but still laced with jagged, explosive guitar solos and haunted, cryptic lyrics like previous Outrageous Cherry records. As Rolling Stone said: 'Outrageous Cherry mix old-school acid-eaters (Stones, Byrds, Beatles) with modern genre revivalists (Dandy Warhols, Brian Jonestown Massacre), wrapping their noise-pop in a distinctive psychedelic overcoat.'

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