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Portugal. The Man

Chris Black Changed My Life

    Chris Black Changed My Life is the follow-up to 2017's Woodstock and dedicated to their late friend Chris Black, who sometimes acted as their hype man at shows. The album was produced by Jeff Bhasker, and some songs, including "Thunderdome [W.T.A]," "Summer of Luv," "Time’s a Fantasy," "Champ," and "Anxiety:Clarity"


    1. Heavy Games II (feat. Jeff Bhasker)
    2. Grim Generation
    3. Thunderdome [W.T.A]
    4. Dummy
    5. Summer Of Luv
    6. Ghost Town
    7. Time’s A Fantasy
    8. Doubt
    9. Plastic Island
    10. Champ
    11. Anxiety: Clarity 

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