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Planet Euphorique continues to transcend boundaries and expectations with its lucky eighth release “Dream Portal”, a 4-track EP by Ronan bulging with hyper speed tek-breaks.

The three tracks, plus a bonus remix from elusive wizard Reptant, were recorded over a two week period in Bogota, Colombia, and conjure up vivid spectacles of a mysterious labyrinth populated by sprit entities and trans-dimensional serpents.

The title track, "Dream Portal", unlocks the gateway via a dank, sway-worthy roller, equally menacing and eclipsing, paving the way for the A2 "Crystal Viewer" where propelling snares layer across delicate harmonic tension and spatial delay. Sparse sub bass fills the foundations to complete this progressive trance fusion in a grandiose style.

On the flip "Star Fissure" delves into high-octane liminal electro. Slick rolls, percussive fills and its hovering, humming bird NRG make this a daring DJ’s dream. Meanwhile, the Reptant mix of "Dream Portal" deploys a degree of lysergic squelch to the originals stems for an acid-punch enriched trip peppered beautifully by the Roland 303. Add some skillfully executed flurries of activity on the live tape delay and you've got yourself another stonking slice of lizard-tek!


Inspired by the wild world of competitive pen spinning, Vancouver producer Big Zen unleashes his breakout EP "Key3", the second release on Planet Euphorique. Named after a prolific spinner who introduced a rare move the 'tipped sonic', the record brings 360° four-to-the-floor revolutionary realness. With shimmering, elated melodic highs sending you into a lucid trance, the chunky bumping basslines demand your feet back to the dance floor. Four big tracks for the ravers and pen spinners alike, "Key3" is the gateway to cloud 9.

"Big Trance" is a big roomer, proggy and tipping its hat to the epic sets of Sasha and Digweed, it maintains a fresh approach through new drum and synth presets yet keeps that hedonistic, mid-90s flavour proudly intact. "Weo" keeps us in that era but escapes the warehouses, free parties and aircraft hangers for a blissful, Chicago-meets-Red Planet-esqursion complete with twinkling space keys, spoken word vox and heart wrenching chords; Proper! "Tip Sonic" keeps Chicago in mind with skitty snare patterns drizzled over volumous pad swells and squealing whistles as the EP delivers its third sure fire dancefloor smasher. If you're struggling to keep up, "Buddon" offers no sympathy, instead locking us into a tribal groove supplemented with this mystic Eastern vocal line leaving a huge twist in the tale before the track's finale.. Seriously, probably one of the strongest records we've had in all Summer this - Do not sleep! 


Matt says: Big big big opener from Big Zen on this imperitively cool label. Big on the hype machine but rightly so, four tracks of hot 2 trot dancefloor mayhem that most camps'll lap up.

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