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"Malebox" brings us six previously unreleased funk-fueled jams from the archives of the cybernetic disco titan himself, Patrick Cowley. Best known for his chart-topping disco anthems, Cowley left us with an incredible body of work before his tragic death in 1982 due to AIDS-related illness. Since 2009, Dark Entries has been working with Cowley’s friends and family to uncover the singular artist’s lesser-known sides, including his soundtracks for gay pornographic films on compilation albums "School Daze", "Muscle Up", and "Afternooners".

But "Malebox" gives us more of the Cowley we know and love: churning disco-funk and hi-NRG tracks that are spacey and sleazy, gritty and sublime. Recorded from 1979-1981, these six tracks illuminate what was one of Patrick’s most creatively exciting periods. “If You Feel It” and “Love Me Hot” were both early Paul Parker demos; the former is a peak hour hi-NRG bomb, while the latter dips into Cowley’s zoned-out space disco sound. Jeanie Tracy’s soulful vocals feature on the demo version of “Low Down Dirty Rhythm”, which was later re-recorded by Sarah Dash. The slower, less-varnished rendition here hits with a wild psychedelic edge. Meanwhile, Patrick’s gifts for careful orchestration and infectious melodies shine on “Floating” and “Love and Passion”, which were likely demo tracks for Loverde. The songs on Malebox display the vitality and inventiveness of a brilliant composer taken from us too soon.

"Malebox" sleeve design was by Gwenaël Rattke, and features a hyper-color retro collage. Also included is an air mail envelope containing a letter from Patrick Cowley to French disco producer Pierre Jaubert as well as liner notes and hand-written lyrics. The release coincides with the 40th anniversary of Patrick’s passing.


If You Feel It
Love & Passion
Low Down Dirty Rhythm Feat. Jeanie Tracy
Love Me Hot
A Wicked Tool

Alan Dixon remixes of Patrick Cowley here, part of the esteemed Unidisc campaign which seems intent on bringing the best of hi-nrg, disco and boogie straight back into our living room discos!

They don't get much more hi-nrg, and indeed crotch-thrusting than Cowley's ero-disco-throbber, "Lift Off". Originally released in 1983 (on the same album as "Megatron Man"), there's a poppers huffing, highly charged energy throughout; those raunchy synth nips and squiggles synonymous with the porn soundtrack producer all present and correct, whilst a rambunctious array of electronic instrumentation - not forgetting that forceful octave bassline sequence - all take us to hi-nrg heaven!

Alan Dixon contributes 2 mixes which offer up a galvanized patina, certain to tickle the speaker stacks that bit more aggressively than it's 1983 counterpart. Also included is the original album version and an alternative mix from the original release for completion and comparison! An absolute must for disco heads! 


Matt says: Beautifully reissued by Unidisc with lush sleeve (I know! - I usually don't care!). Hi-nrg erotic disco from the singular visionary Patrick Cowley. Up to date power ups provided by Alan Dixon who beefs it up proper for the rigs. A truly deluxe edition!


A1. Lift Off Ft. Paul Parker (Alan Dixon Love Attack Mix)
A2. Lift Off Ft. Paul Parker (Alan Dixon DJ Friendly Mix)
B1. Lift Off Ft. Paul Parker (Original Album Version)
B2. Lift Off Ft. Paul Parker (Original Remix)

White Trash Boom Boom (Patrick Cowley)

White Trash Boom Boom

    The latest digs from Dark Entries' Patrick Cowley excavation unearths some more sonic gold. In 1972 Patrick was living in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood with Theresa McGinley and Janice Sukaitis, friends of his from New York. Through his roommates he met Candice Vadalla, better known as erotic actress and producer Candida Royalle. In 1973, Theresa, Candice, and Janice formed White Trash Boom-Boom, an all-female avant-garde performance troupe. Reacting to the Angels of Light and the Cockettes, they captured the spirit of the times: camp, confrontational, and delirious. Theresa recalls, 'We brewed a brand of performance that steered away from the doctrinaire and reveled in ambiguities.' Patrick provided their theatrical experiments with appropriately zany musical accompaniment. Side A features two songs from the “Country and Western” skit, “Bride” and “Beer and a Pizza”, which were written by Janice Sukaitis, Karen Dunaway, and Cowley. The feminist skit tackled the issue of women’s limited life choices in society.

    The B-side contains “Baciami” and “Spengo la Luce”, two songs from “Goes to Little Italy”, a skit addressing Catholic expectations of female chastity, performed in 1974 on top of the bar at the Stud. These songs were lifted from an Italian folk 7” found at a thrift store, and feature improvised Italian, including a solo by Candida Royalle. The material on White Trash shows Cowley flexing his synthesizer muscles to create curiously camp genre pieces.


    Side 1
    1. Bride (1:36)
    2. Beer & A Pizza (1:56)
    Side 2
    1. Baciami (2:00)
    2. Spengo La Luce (3:15)

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