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White Trash Boom Boom (Patrick Cowley)

White Trash Boom Boom

    The latest digs from Dark Entries' Patrick Cowley excavation unearths some more sonic gold. In 1972 Patrick was living in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood with Theresa McGinley and Janice Sukaitis, friends of his from New York. Through his roommates he met Candice Vadalla, better known as erotic actress and producer Candida Royalle. In 1973, Theresa, Candice, and Janice formed White Trash Boom-Boom, an all-female avant-garde performance troupe. Reacting to the Angels of Light and the Cockettes, they captured the spirit of the times: camp, confrontational, and delirious. Theresa recalls, 'We brewed a brand of performance that steered away from the doctrinaire and reveled in ambiguities.' Patrick provided their theatrical experiments with appropriately zany musical accompaniment. Side A features two songs from the “Country and Western” skit, “Bride” and “Beer and a Pizza”, which were written by Janice Sukaitis, Karen Dunaway, and Cowley. The feminist skit tackled the issue of women’s limited life choices in society.

    The B-side contains “Baciami” and “Spengo la Luce”, two songs from “Goes to Little Italy”, a skit addressing Catholic expectations of female chastity, performed in 1974 on top of the bar at the Stud. These songs were lifted from an Italian folk 7” found at a thrift store, and feature improvised Italian, including a solo by Candida Royalle. The material on White Trash shows Cowley flexing his synthesizer muscles to create curiously camp genre pieces.


    Side 1
    1. Bride (1:36)
    2. Beer & A Pizza (1:56)
    Side 2
    1. Baciami (2:00)
    2. Spengo La Luce (3:15)

    None come much bigger than the pairing of legendary synth alchemist Patrick Cowley and the incredible gay icon Sylvester. 'Menergy' is such a classic record, recorded a year before Cowley's death in 1981; a slamming piece of HI-NRG funk that will have everybody within the nearest vicinity on the dancefloor in a heartbeat. The sound of early 80's gay San Francisco; unashamed, proud and ridiculously ahead of it's time. Pair this music with the skills of cult producer and editor extraordinaire Purple Disco Machine and you have a potential new classic on your hands! This PDM extended mix is backed with the killer original mix and is undoubtedly an unmissable reissue package beautifully presented by your friends over at Unidisc.


    Matt says: Everyone knows that Sylvester and Cowley are the best combo of hi-nrg heat one can muster. "Menergy" is one of their camp high water marks sure to instigate groin grabbing, nitrate huffing pleasure across the more homo-erotic dancefloors.


    A1. Menergy (Purple Disco Machine Remix)
    A2. Menergy (Purple Disco Machine Remix Instrumental)
    B1. Menergy (Original Mix)
    B2. Menergy (Original Mix) (ft. Sylvester)
    B3. Menergy (Reprise)

    Seminal early 80's HI-NRG / synth disco emanating from the gay clubs, bath houses and discotheques of San Francisco. A truly original and groundbreaking sound and style helmed by studio genius Patrick Cowley. Heavily informed by sonically charged science fiction fantasy and the darkest corners of nightlife, 'Mind Warp' is a cornerstone of electronic music that still astonishes today. Originally released on Cowley's own Megatone imprint in 1982 the album marks a definitive change in direction of post-disco dance music, undoubtedly inspired by European artists such as Kraftwerk, Moroder, Yello and more. A huge influence on what was to come through in later years via house and techno music, 'Mind Warp' is a bonafide classic and every single self respecting music lover or DJs home should have a copy!


    A1. Tech-No-Logical World
    A2. Invasion
    A3. They Came At Night
    B1. Mind Warp
    B2. Primitive World
    B3. Mutant Man
    B4. Going Home

    "Megatron Man" is the second studio album by American disco producer, porn composer and multi-talented musician Patrick Cowley. Released in 1981, highlights include the vocoder-driven title track and the relentlessly funky "Get A Little."

    Famous for working with American disco vocalist Sylvester; his body of work spans hi-nrg disco, slow cosmic, electronic funk and boogie; often with a highly erotic slant to his music. He is regarded as a pioneer of early electronic music, having influenced acts such as Pet Shop Boys, New Order, Lime, and more. 


    Patrick says: 'Tache master and primo synth wielder Patrick Cowley hit a highpoint with this 1981 LP, powering into the heart of the mirrorball nebula with certified bombs like the title track and the HUGE "Get A Little".


    A1. Megatron Man
    A2. Sea Hunt
    A3. Teen Planet
    B1. Get A Little
    B2. Lift Off
    B3. Thank God For Music

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