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London-born-and-raised DJ and producer Parris has announced his new EP Passionfruit, via his own co-founded label can you feel the sun. Following his stand-out 2021 album Soaked In Indigo Moonlight, described as a “masterful” take on the pop genre (Crack Magazine), Passionfruit continues Parris’ affinity for polyrhythms and bouncing synths, but diving deeper into his love for clubbing and UK soundsystems, the result is a heady house compilation.

Each track on the EP is in contention with the one before it, a counterpoint to a sonic argument; melodic bubbly pop against heavy drum and bass, morning rays of sunlight against dark and swampy rhythms. Where the title track “Passionfruit” was described by Parris as imagining the “early morning of a set with the sunrise coming through the shutters”, the very next track “Slipping, Falling, Crawling” is much like the title suggests: a sludgy, percussion-heavy track which has fun with creating melody from the beat itself, stripped back and raw intent.

“Why Can’t Rabbits Wear Cowboy Boots” and “Underwater Fantasy” are almost alternate universe club classics. “WCRWCB” takes a club-formed structure, and uses it to explore the limits polyrhythms, layering chaotically over eachother, and building through the first half of the track, until it peaks with the introduction of an explosive bassline. “Underwater Fantasy” on the surface is the straightest-sounding track to come from Parris, but the disco-style vocals fight with the beat, pushing and pulling at eachother.

Parris (aka Dwayne Parris-Robinson) has dedicated himself to club culture from an early age, never missing a week at FWD>> (the club night where a generation of bass and techno DJs made their names), and was constantly tuning into Rinse FM. Immersing himself into the distinct sound of London built the foundations of the productions we hear today, with grime and drum & bass bubbling alongside slick pop references.


Matt says: Tricksy, playful tech-house vibes here from Parris who recalls a bit of Madteo, Sotofett and Julio Bashmore as he injects bucket loads of fun into the dancefloor.


Why Cant Rabbits Wear Cowboy Boots
Underwater Fantasy
Slipping Falling Crawling

Parris & Untold

Lip Locked

The A side 'Lip Locked' is an animated collaboration between Parris and Untold, is certified fast house compatible and comes stripped back to the classic raw elements of synth stab, vocal, sub bass and kick drum.
Early support by Ben UFO and Marie Montexier.

'Just Look at the Rain' sees a rare solo outing for Untold spinning crunchy breakbeats and guitar stabs into something both old school and new.

ORO was set up in 2014 as a sub-label of Hemlock for the more 'out there' material and has released music from Brian Routh (R.I.P), Untold, IVVVO and Lord Skywave.

Parris runs the label Can You Feel The Sun with Call Super and has just wrapped up a busy summer with performances at Love International, Houghton and Glastonbury festivals, as well as touring the US and Columbia.

In 2023 Untold founded and began running the modular synth brand Laine.


1. Lip Locked
2. Just Look At The Rain

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