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Levon Vincent

Dance Music Pt. 3

Levon Vincent's determined and unparallel vision of techno continues in earnest. "Dance Music pt. 3" completes the recent triptych and finds the producer in a purple patch with all three tunes off this EP rock solid additions to any record bag. While the first track is one of the tension-wrought freakouts, bleak, claustrophobic and discordant, the second track is gentle, playful and bright; cascading marimba patterns bursting through one of his typically buoyant house beats. Final track revisits the pitch black, thick dread tek that nods to innovators Basic Channel and Deepchord but offers up his own completely unique interpretation of the dub-techno cannon. Vincent's textures are thick, imposing...dark while his knack and unfurling strange analogue artifacts from his array of machines in second-to-none.

More brilliance from the man - recommended.

Levon Vincent

Dance Music Pt.2

It's another winner in the Novel Sound series as Levon drops three more beauties in his delectable style.

A1 offers up a lush, rippling melody placed over a simple kick and reinforced with synthesized orchestral elements. It's like one huge trance breakdown without the 16 bar drums rolls or momentous drops and should sound track horizontal mind transportation perfectly.

A2 glows with an unnatural radiance as Levon gently warms up his various machines for a serene and calm electronic glider that is undeniably from the producer's great mind.

Finally, on side B, we have a dark, epic, mainroom monster with all those Vincentian traits we've come to know and love - helicopter blade hats, dark strings, deep bass and wobbly kick - amazing!

Limited copies as always, move quick! 


Sil says: Classic Levon sound. If you dig his sound, get this pronto.

Long term friend and cohort of Leven Vincent, Eric Maltz is the latest artist to grace the hallowed Novel Sound. Hailing from New York City, and now residing in Berlin, his life alongside the label honcho has included a long stint in Halcyon Records' (Brooklyn) and a dynamic series of parties that the pair threw in and around the area. A debut album that takes on the industrialized, technoid aesthetic of Novel Sound and injects it with a kind of cybernetic emotion that makes it glisten like a neutron star. From the opener, "Drone Y Besa" which hints at its cyborg-pop sensibilities to the inter-planetary bounce of "Time". "All The Things" sends shatter-like ripples through the space time, as another yearning vocal part gets shrouded in dark matter and red shift. "Symphony At Dawn" sees the second disc introduced with style and aplomb, a cosmic arpeggio pushed ever-outward into the outer cosmos and met with emotion-riddled strings and sweeping mainframe bursts. One hell of a ride this one folks, a more than competent addition to the flawless NS catalogue. 

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Thanks for posting about it. It’s here until next Friday May 3rd btw.
Wed 24th - 8:58
Yes! Thanks @NME for the feature. Come and visit @ianbrown
Tue 23rd - 9:48
It’s great isn’t it?! Glad you liked it and hope your wish comes true.🤞🏻
Mon 22nd - 5:55
Thank you. Come back soon.
Mon 22nd - 3:49
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