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Levon Vincent never disappoints and this latest twelve on his own label is another double header of late nite voodoo your record bag can't do without!

Described as 'Hypnotic ancient Espionage Techno-House Hybrid', side A's mystic leads overlap and beguile while emotive piano chords motion us from heaven and back to Earth across the track’s 9+ minute duration. Deep n dark and likely to evoke prehistoric dancefloor spirits from outta the smoke machine, this is Levon Vincent at his absolute best - sounding like no-one else out there and holding us tight within his grasp.

Onto side B and "Years Of Your Life" is also familiar ground for any long term LV fans. A mechanized, chuggy low end groove is met by piercing sine tones and loud, flappy hats. The rugged, sub-kick groove is designed to move even the heftiest tectonic objects,. Like an Arctic ice sheet leveling mountains in its path.

Incredible stuff from our man in New Jersey. TIP! 


A. Julius Caeser
B. Years Of Your Life

Levon Vincent

We Will Dance Together Again

New Jersey’s finest celebrates the re-opening of the dancefloors with a rather delicious double header emblematic of the producer’s stripped back but hi-tech style. The lead track, full of joy and jubilation as the clubs fill up, pairs jarring analogue synths with wild hats and rampant kick-clap patterns. Aggressive and roaring outta the starting blocks, the serpentine glockenspiel melody winding through it inflicts a certain degree of warming mood that listeners will appreciate.

“Bells Phase” sees one of the producer’s trademark, glassy, ethereal idents hook itself onto a straight up 4/4 tech sequence. Perfect for introducing other more dynamically busy tracks or as a clever DJ tool in the mix; it’s high fidelity present gives force to its rather basic and reduced arrangement. One for the more creative DJs playing the longer sessions..

Nice to see Levon back at it again! Recommended.


Matt says: A new LV always sparks a fervent uproar amongst techno and house heads alike. This new one is no exception as he drops a tasty double header from his New Jersey base.



Levon Vincent

Riding Alongside The Ocean

New Levon Vincent and luckily for us he's continuing his amazing run of form with three impeccable club tracks that scream of the producer's idiosyncratic personality.

Fizzing synths, bobbing basslines, ridig drum hits a bucket loads of tape delay and reverb plummet all three tracks into the nocturnal realm; guided by red lights and green lazers, this is the Levon Vincent we all know and love!!

Unlikely to hang around long... get those orders in quick! 


Matt says: Last two Novel Sounds have been right up there with Levon's finest work. Three tracks here that show off his inventive drum patterns and idiosyncratic, disjointed synth usage.


A. Riding Alongside The Ocean
B1. Ocean Dub
B2. Sunlight

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