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Levon Vincent

Dance Music Pt.4

Levon revisits the now-classic, "Man Or Mistress" EP in both artwork and concept - updating the 2011 release with brand new tracks.

One of house and techno's much loved faces, Levon's Novel Sound imprint is both simultaneously legendary yet delightfully cultish. There's no way your Uncle Jim who listens to Northern Soul or younger brother Kevin who likes Arctic Monkeys will ever come across these jams; but for the followers and believes of the Vincentonian church, the Novel Sound gospels are indeed the holy scriptures!

On verse 29, lord Vincent delivers 4 fuzzy n wobbly slices of mechanized prayer, contrasting jarring rhythms with jubilant melodies; technoid fug with angelic lead lines. Both ethereal and automated in equal measure; his soundscapes accept the machines as gods and warehouse music as a divine experience. Time to transcend! 


Matt says: Levon doesn't revisit the artwork off one of his iconic Novel Sounds sleeves for no reason. It's cos he's right slap bang back in his purple patch (did he ever leave it?), knocking out hit after hit which reminds me of those early NS releases.

Levon Vincent


Levon's cannon keeps firing as the Novel Sounds battery drops another dancefloor bombshell in our bunker...

A1 sees our honourable rogue continue to mine the ghosts of trance music's dark past; fusing a simple kick with an uplifting yet slightly melancholic synth pattern that ignites the same, almost saudade feelings that the best 90s stadium fillers conjure up.

A2 sees a truly Vincentian palette (vintage hand claps, dry keyboards, synth-strings and buzzy acid) batter out an emotive box jams that's aimed at the stars yet rooted in the club - so good!

Flip and if you still needed convincing, B1 should ensure the record's now on your to-buy list; its drifting arps, monumental bass and fizzing white noise taking the listener on a cerebral magic carpet ride into blissed out abandon. Yes Levon!!!

The gifted New Jersier gives us one more bonus to contemplate; the deep cavernous throb of the final track takes us through to the early hour sessions in big warehouses. One for the late nite club dwellers, when energy levels have peaked and it's a more lucid & loose state of being....


Matt says: Full marks for Mr. Vincent here as he rolls out one of the hottest Novel Sounds for quite some time! You need this pop pickers!

Long term friend and cohort of Leven Vincent, Eric Maltz is the latest artist to grace the hallowed Novel Sound. Hailing from New York City, and now residing in Berlin, his life alongside the label honcho has included a long stint in Halcyon Records' (Brooklyn) and a dynamic series of parties that the pair threw in and around the area. A debut album that takes on the industrialized, technoid aesthetic of Novel Sound and injects it with a kind of cybernetic emotion that makes it glisten like a neutron star. From the opener, "Drone Y Besa" which hints at its cyborg-pop sensibilities to the inter-planetary bounce of "Time". "All The Things" sends shatter-like ripples through the space time, as another yearning vocal part gets shrouded in dark matter and red shift. "Symphony At Dawn" sees the second disc introduced with style and aplomb, a cosmic arpeggio pushed ever-outward into the outer cosmos and met with emotion-riddled strings and sweeping mainframe bursts. One hell of a ride this one folks, a more than competent addition to the flawless NS catalogue. 

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