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Two killer cuts from the recent Levon album re-pressed for our pleasure - and on a full side of wax each for maximum fidelity! "Kissing" is the slow, steady, smoke and strobe flicker; a powerful, tectonic sway pushes things forwards as the thick, heady atmosphere engulfs the floor; one simple strobe flash signaling it's separate kick drum beat. Like the beating heart of the dancefloor enshrined in fog. "Only Good Things" is a technoid glider, peppered with modular perc artifacts as a hi-tek bassline wraps itself around angelic pad stabs and suspended strings. Both tracks epitomize the NJ producer's idiosyncratic style at the top of his game; amazing stuff do not sleep!


Matt says: Couple of nice tunes off Levon's last album made available to those who might have missed it. Couple more on the way too so keep those peepers peeled.

Long term friend and cohort of Leven Vincent, Eric Maltz is the latest artist to grace the hallowed Novel Sound. Hailing from New York City, and now residing in Berlin, his life alongside the label honcho has included a long stint in Halcyon Records' (Brooklyn) and a dynamic series of parties that the pair threw in and around the area. A debut album that takes on the industrialized, technoid aesthetic of Novel Sound and injects it with a kind of cybernetic emotion that makes it glisten like a neutron star. From the opener, "Drone Y Besa" which hints at its cyborg-pop sensibilities to the inter-planetary bounce of "Time". "All The Things" sends shatter-like ripples through the space time, as another yearning vocal part gets shrouded in dark matter and red shift. "Symphony At Dawn" sees the second disc introduced with style and aplomb, a cosmic arpeggio pushed ever-outward into the outer cosmos and met with emotion-riddled strings and sweeping mainframe bursts. One hell of a ride this one folks, a more than competent addition to the flawless NS catalogue. 

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