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Not Me But Us


    Not Me But Us are a new duo from Naples, Italy formed by acclaimed pianist and composer Bruno Bavota (who records for Temporary Residence) and electronic producer Fabrizio Somma (aka K-Conjog).

    Together they have made Two, a beautiful album that blends both of their influences with added echoes of ambient, techno, 2000s club culture, post-classical and post-rock. It’s a stunning record and proof that when two very different musicians meet it’s always possible for magic to happen. The eight tracks are a testament to their ability to translate raw emotion into a musical journey, forging a connection that goes beyond sound. 


    1. No Words
    2. Inner Space
    3. Interlocking Mechanics
    4. Buildings
    5. In A Box
    6. Nocturnal Humans
    7. When We See
    8. Us
    9. Nocturnal Emissions*
    *CD-only Bonus Track

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