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Mamas Gun

Cure The Jones

    Mamas Gun animate the spirit of conscious ‘70s soul on bold and big-hearted new album, 'Cure The Jones'. Out ofthe turbulence of the last two years comes the fifth album from UK-based soul outfit Mamas Gun - a lush, nuancedand expansively contemporary meditation on a world turned upside down, embedded in the classic soul traditionof Bill Withers and Marvin Gaye.

    Building on 2018 album Golden Days and the band’s status as a world-renownedlive act, 11-track opus Cure The Jones represents Mamas Guns’ most complete and powerful work to date - ajoyous and sophisticated exposition of song-craft, that explores themes of love, loss, life through the most pressingsocial and political issues of the day. Written and produced during the pandemic by Mamas Gun frontman AndyPlatts with additional intricate soundscaping from drummer Chris Boot, Cure The Jones was recorded direct to tapewith an array of analogue gear at Platts’ home studio in just three days, focussing the soulful energy of the bandinto a coherent gospel-tinged whole.

    “Rather wonderful music that combines classic soul influences with a distinctly modern production approach” - Sunday Times.


    1. When You Stole The Sun From The Sky
    2. Looking For Moses
    3. Go Through It
    4. Good Love
    5. Reconsider
    6. Party For One
    7. Friends To Lovers
    8. Cure The Jones
    9. You're Too Hip (For MeBaby)
    10. Winner's Eyes
    11. Daffodils

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