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Luke Haines & Peter Buck

Beat Poetry For Survivalists

    Beat Poetry For Survivalists is the new collaboration between Peter Buck & Luke Haines.

    Peter Buck was the guitarist for the biggest band in the world – REM.

    Luke Haines was the guitarist for the Auteurs. The Auteurs were not the biggest band in the world. They were pretty good though.

    Luke Haines also does paintings of Lou Reed.

    One day, Peter Buck bought one of Luke Haines' Lou Reed paintings. They had never met before but decided that the fates had brought them together and they should write some songs together and make an album.

    'Beat Poetry For The Survivalist' is that album. With songs about legendary rocket scientist and occultist Jack Parsons, The Enfield Hauntings (of 1978), a post-apocalyptic radio station that only plays Donovan records, Bigfoot, and Pol Pot.


    1. Jack Parsons
    2. Apocalypse Beach
    3. Last Of The Legendary Bigfoot Hunters
    4. Beat Poetry For The Survivalist
    5. Witch Tariff
    6. Andy Warhol Was Not Kind
    7. French Man Glam Gang
    8. Ugly Dude Blues
    9. Bobby’s Wild Years
    10.rock ‘n’ Roll Ambulance

    Luke Haines

    I Sometimes Dream Of Glue

      It started sometime after World War II – in the late 1940's. A convoy of British Special Services trucks had been dispatched to RAF Middlewych, their cargo - 10 tonnes of experimental solvent liquid. Sticky and deadly. The mission – to drop the toxic liquid over Germany and finish the job of carving up Europe for good. The trucks never made it to their airfield destination, coming off the road – most probably helped by saboteurs – some five miles out of London… 'I Sometimes Dream Of Glue' is the next solo concept album by Luke Haines (The Auteurs, Baader Meinhof and Black Box Recorder). Just off the Westway, in the motorway sidings, you can see a small sign. Actually you probably can't see the sign as it is the size of a child's fingernail clipping. The sign says 'Glue Town.' The name of a village. There is little or no documentation of Glue Town. You will not find any information about it on the 21st Century internet. Gluetown is a rural settlement born out of mutation. Of the estimated 500 or so dwellers, no one is thought to be over 2 ½ inches tall. The citizens of Glue Town exist on a diet of solvent abuse and perpetual horniness. The residents only leave to carry out daring night-time 'glue raids' on Shepherds Bush newsagent shops. On a tiny screen in the town centre, an old Betamax cassette of 'Michael Bentine's Pottytime' plays on a loop all day and all night...


      1. Angry Man On Small Train
      2. I Fell In Love With An Oo Scale Wife
      3. I Sometimes Dream Of Glue
      4. She Was As Ripe As A Meadow
      5. The Subbuteo Lads
      6. Solvents Cures The Ego
      7. At It With The Tree Surgeon’s Wife
      8. The Garden Gate
      9. Everybody’s Coming Together For The Summer
      10. Oh Michael
      11. Only The Stones Will Know
      12. Everybody’s Coming Together (Part 2)
      13. Fat Bird From The Woodcraft Folk
      14. We Could Do It

      Luke Haines

      Is Alive And Well And Living In Buenos Aires: Heavy Frenz The Solo Anthology 2001-2017

        Having played with The Servants in the late 1980s, Luke Haines carved a unique niche for himself in the 1990s with witty lyrics, wry humour and some stellar tunes with The Auteurs and other acts (Black Box Recorder, Baader Meinhof).

        By 1999, feeling aghast at the state of the Brit Rock scene in the UK, Luke decided to “start a righteous solo trip”, having been commissioned to write the soundtrack for the film Christie Malry's Own Double Entry (2001). Sticking with Virgin Records, Luke then unveiled his first solo album proper, The Oliver Twist Manifesto, before fronting a new-look Auteurs for Das Capital.

        In due course, Luke switched labels to indie Fantastic Plastic for Off My Rocker At The Art School Bop (2006), followed in 2009 by 21st Century Man. Since then, he’s curated a string of imaginative, amusing and always worthwhile albums for Cherry Red Records.

        Alive And Well… is the first-ever anthology of Luke’s solo work, cherry-picking musical highlights from each of his long players as well as a smattering of B-sides, radio sessions, rarities and – on Disc 4 – a raft of previously unissued material.

        With sleeve-notes by Luke himself, Alive And Well… is a very personal statement spanning the last two decades of the musical life of Luke Haines.

        Luke Haines goes electronic, with an album was recorded using entirely analogue synthesizers.

        A concept album set in the future where Great Britain has retreated to a vast and secret network of abandoned nuclear bunkers and prays to a piece of silverware, referred to as the 'New Pagan Sun'.


        1: This Is The BBC
        2: British Nuclear Bunkers
        3: Camden Borough Council
        4: Test Card Forever
        5: Cold Field Morning Under Bliss
        6: Bunker Funker
        7: Pussywillow (Kids Song)
        8: Mama Check The Radar At The Dada Station
        9: New Pagan Sun
        10: Deep Level Shelters Under London 

        Luke Haines

        Adventures In Dementia - A Micro Opera

          What happens when a Mark E. Smith impersonator has his holiday ruined by Skrewdriver? Let Luke Haines and Scott King reveal all…

          Auteurs and Baader Meinhof icon Luke Haines has announced a typically singular new project entitled Adventures In Dementia, a “micro opera” which features a Mark E. Smith impersonator’s caravan holiday getting ruined by “Ian Stuart”.

          Originally performed as a live stage show in Berlin during the summer of 2014, Adventures In Dementia includes six brand new tracks from Luke Haines

          “Rock And Roll Animals” is a psychedelic story for grown-ups (and children). Jimmy Pursey is a frisky fox; Nick Lowe – a solid badger and Gene Vincent – a cat who's seen a bit more of life than most of us. Three furry freaks. Three Rock n Roll animals. The fable of our four-pawed shamen is narrated by the good folk of Magic Town.

          This is a story of righteous rock n roll and how our three rock n roll animal friends, when not frolicking in the undergrowth, do battle with their most unrighteous nemesis – a fuck ugly bird (from Tyneside) made of steel and wire called The Angel Of The North.


          1. MAGIC TOWN
          2. MAGIC INTERLUDE 1
          3. ROCK N ROLL ANIMALS
          5. THREE FRENDZ
          6. GENE VINCENT
          7. MAGIC INTERLUDE 2
          8. THE BIRDS... THE BIRDS
          9. ANGEL OF THE NORTH
          10. WE DO...

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