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Birds Of Maya


    Amped up super guitar overload from the coolest of combos..Philly’s Birds Of Maya…comprised Purling Hiss / Spacin members, this three piece released their debut on Holy Mountain, their double album epic “Ready To Howl” on Richie (re-released on CD by Agitated) and now, this on Little Big Chief records. Though the game mighta changed round em, the three years since Ready to Howl ain't diminished Birds of Maya one ounce (or do they measure in...grams?). You can tell right away on Celebration, cuz it's just as stupefying to describe as every other moment they've put down. Why is that? Seems so simple! But ya get near pronouncements like "Free or The Groundhogs as seen in the busted mirror mosaic of Japanese underground psych" and a lil balloon of acid anxiety busts in yer gut. Insufficient. This ain't just about shred and dread; this is about sweat and spit and busted bottles. This is about volume--meaning both quantity AND decibels. It takes a lot for many of us to sit still for side-long live tracks, so I suggest you dethrone that ass and break some valuables when the evil busts start rollin' out like smoke from Sleep's van; it's only natural. And don't fear the "TV Eye" cover, neither, cuz it surely made me forget the last 67 beef-witted versions I'd heard. Course, there's so much snarl all over this thing, I'm surprised the mic ain't slumped in the corner, nursing an ulcer, by the end. Another fetid feather in Philly's cap. Dressed in hand-painted sleeves, it'll make all the records you file it next to cooler via osmotic paint flakes. - Sebastian Morris-White, Buffet of Loathsome.

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