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Lichen Slow

Rest Lurks

    Lichen Slow are Malcolm Middleton, primarily known for his work in Scottish indie rock band Arab Strap, who are hailed for their unconventional, intricate instrumentation and candid ruminations on the tragi-comedy of navigating today’s world and Joel Harries, whose discography spans gorgeous, stripped-back solo records, the gentle-electronica of duo Team Leader and instrumental-noise band 72%. Rest Lurks is a record that proves the magic in being creative for the hell of it. The album pieces together a patchwork that amplifies the raw talents of two musicians who don’t write songs because they have to, but simply because they need to.

    Shedding any assumptions we have for ourselves and others, Lichen Slow is a band that urges us to soak in the small moments, and if it helps, to poke fun at the things that frustrate us the most.


    Barry says: Lichen Slow sounds like the incredibly small venn diagram crossover between post-rock, electronica and 00's slacker rock, all topped with Malcolm Middleton's singlular vocals smoothly soaring over the top. Dreamy but driving. 'Reset' particularly reminds me of The Notwist, and that's definitely no bad thing.


    1. Hobbies
    2. Pick Over The Bones
    3. Preset
    4. Tense
    5. Pain Ctd
    6. It's Not What We Thought
    7. Sunshine Policy (Sombre Song)
    8. Hopeless Cause
    9. The Things We've Done
    10. Imposter Syndrome
    11. Tire
    12. Garden Gate

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