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Leonidas & Hobbes

Pockets Of Light

"Pockets Of Light" is the first full release from the London / Edinburgh duo since 2021's acclaimed "Aranath EP" and Bill Brewsters 2017 ROTY the "Rags Of Time EP". 

"Pockets Of Light" finds the duo deploying wavy, spellbinding neons for the suitably titled "Magik". Twangy leads and dipped red lights further the mellow enchantment as the tracks gentle propelled by classic electronic drum boxes. 

"Reboot" begins with a more Detroitian flavour, with synth patches that'd make Martin Bonds blush hightened with an inviting spoken word snippet before dropping into a very Model 500 esque groove. A formular expanded on through next track, "Reality 2.0" which adds swirling dub delays to the mix and plays with drama and dynamics through stop-start arrangement with cinematic qualities and great textures throughout - a real winner that'll find favour in a variety of environments.

"RSVP" deploys perfectly aligned bleep-n-squelch; in a nod to both Sheffield and Detroit but with its own unique squiggly flair. Again, there's some underfloor neons lighting the way; with some staccato leads and constantly morphing bass underpinning it all. A real tour de force of production prowess that's remained the Leonidas & Hobbes trademark throughout their discography. 

"Keep Livin'" concludes with a nicely low-slung, syncopated beat and bass pattern accompanied by toybox piano melodies, blue sky synth licks and general sense of rising optimism to get us through these troubled times. It makes for a childlike, fairytale quality; sumptious and redolent of running across daisy-laden fields in the late afternoon sunshine as a carefree younger... or maybe that's just me! 

Anyway you look at it - it's a delightful return from the treasured duo.


Matt says: Pairing intricate programming and synthesis with captivating arrangements and a decidedly humane touch is no easy feet. But our sonic shamans Leonidas & Hobbes have done just that on their phenomenal new EP which plays like an enchanted garden of rhythm, texture and sentiment.


A1. Magik
A2. Reboot
A3. Reality 2.0
B2. Keep Livin'

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