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Australia's Balearic mystic is outback, ready to take us on another sunset stroll through the bush on his own General Purpose imprint. Originally written between 2014 and 2015, these discarded, lost ideas persisted enough to require further investigation. Taking a pause between his dub explorations, "Initials" is an electronic experimentation in forward-thinking Balearic music. "TFTC" opens the set in vintage Leise fashion, freewheeling through New Age melodies, woozy pads and nuanced percussion while a host of otherworldy idents shimmer in the distance. Birdsong and whirlytube introduce the madcapped and metallic rhythms of "MITD" on the B1, a fresh twist on the fourth world vibe built out of the skeleton of '92 ambient house releases. Finally, "STTS" gives us subtle percs, echo drenched sound design and robotic rainforest idents, all filtered into a haunting and atmospheric vision of Balearic dub-techno.


Patrick says: Lysergic, cryptic and kind of mystical, Len's music is like a Monday morning conversation with our own Matt Ward - and I'm more than glad the Aussie producer is back. Where recent releases have crashed and womped through dubspace, "Initials" sees Len return to the outback esoterics of old, offering up a trio of Balearic dancefloor hits tinged with his otherworldly oddness. Killer!

Len Leise, Salvador Ricardo AKA General Purpose

Also Known As Edits

Those general purps, Len Leise and Salvador Ricardo return to our shelves with the first release in snazzy little sub-series 'Also Known As'. Edits are the order of the day, beginning with the long awaited, feverishly anticipated repress of Len's LL Edits from back in 2015. Pressed in a run of about 27, the original was in such high demand that the scalpers price had hit £90 before my copy had even arrived. The hype was fully deserved too, as "Stars For Jorge" delivers a warming kick, Spanish guitar licks, glistening keys and enchanting choral vocals, beguiling all and sundry with its organic charms. Then you get "Desperado Dining", a hypnotic, echo drenched fusion of outback funk, Basic Channel dub and Balearic boogie, filtered to perfect for cocktail sippin enjoyment. Flip it to the B-side and we have a couple of freshly pressed edits, the polyrhythmic pigmy chug of "Concerto De Chasse" and the breezy Balearic bossa of "Cha Cha Flamongo".


Patrick says: 'kin 'ell! Len and Ricardo return with an absolute barnstormer of an edit 12" here, boasting the repress of Len's LL Edits AKA Best Balearic Edits of 2015, alongside the frisky and freaky rainforest rumble of "Concerto De Chasse" (DJ Froglicker's pick of the week) and the hot and sultry South American jam "Cha Cha Flamongo". TIP!

After curating a slew of totally essential reissues, Adelaide's Jura crew kick off a new offshoot, Temples Of Jura, catering for original artist material from a variety of genres. Their inaugural 12" brings us an intergalactic journey into dubspace piloted by Melbourne sensation Len Leise and the Jura Soundsystem themselves. Bouncing out the A1 with a boing of spring reverb and a swirl of space echo, "Dear Adrian" is Len Leise's tribute to On-U soundbwoy and dub pioneer Adrian Sherwood. Though the track grunts and moans like a Sherwood classic, Len's trademark blend of sunny melody and organic texture moves things in a more Balearic direction. Jura Soundsystem make their debut with a dub tryptich, spinning "Udaberri Blues" into three distinct versions. Rootsy and grooving, the track boasts a gorgeous psychedelic guitar line, echo drenched vocals and trippy fx, which truly come into their own on the uber-Balearic and entirely beatless "Space Mix". First among equals however is the MASSIVELY baggy, pilled up pump of the Dub Version, an immersive chugger in tune with Holy Ghost Inc.'s "Walk On Air". 


Patrick says: Isle Of Jura take a break from their expert reissue program with a four track grand slam of sonic excellence, served on a dub tip. Len Leise gets loose with the pedal board, paying homage to UK dub king Adrian Sherwood, while the Jura Soundsystem steal the show with Balearic smash "Udaberri Blues". Expect to hear the "Dub Version" rip 'Nado apart in the very near future.

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