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Lee Scratch Perry & Mr. Green

Super Ape Vs Open Door

    Tuff Kong Records will be releasing the brand new collaboration between Jamaican legend Lee Scratch Perry and New Jersey producer Mr. Green: the upcoming "Super Ape vs Open Door". The two artists have created a unique chemistry, delivering 18 tracks of music that Mr. Green has put together using original stems from Lee Scratch Perry. Mixed with his own unique style, Green managed to merge literally 20 different genres of music together on one record, bringing some memorable guests to the project such as HR of Bad Brains, Sheek Louch (The Lox), Daniel Son and an intro from Eric "Scratch" Andre. 


    1. Love In My Heart (feat. Eric “Scratch” Andre)
    2. Come Back Alone (feat. Sheek Louch)
    3. Working For God
    4. Streak Of Luck (feat. HR Of Bad Brains & Daniel Son)
    5. Ranting
    6. Electric Energy
    7. Calalou
    8. Sleepy Time
    9. Hot Fire
    10-18. Instrumentals

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