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Duo Lucas Brell and Marvin Uhde deliver fire-powered percussion to Osàre! Editions. Longtime friends and collaborators, they channel a liquid medley of drum menace that flips sideways, swiftly pivoting between wildly different tempos. As disorientating as it is formidable, "Purest State Confusion" offers up a fractal prism of ever-shifting beat patterns - an endlessly warping vortex of guttural, narcotic sounds. The titular number, a wormhole techno ordeal, builds steadily, layer upon layer. A crystalline dancefloor pleaser, it subverts classic four-to-the-floor with a delayed kick drum that punctuates every 8th beat. Like black oil diffusing in water, the bass creeps in menacingly to "The Disappearer", in hard and fast contrast with the sharp fluctuations of the amen break. Slamming in mercilessly, "Channeling Bryn Jones" opens up the B-side, its fluttering rhythms joining together with an infectious klaxon melody before the IDM stylings of "Brain Massage" closes out. "Purest State Confusion" was recorded at various locations in Leipzig and Berlin. Final touches and mixing assistance were performed by Mike Bierbach at the WSNWG studios. The pioneering techno producer inflects the record with his staunch taste for aerobic club rhythmics, teasing out the whirling tempos and
pointillistic harmonics.


Matt says: Future-proof breaks, bass and tek here from Kinzua who adopts an aggressive aesthetic to separate the wheat from the chaff.


Purest State Confusion
Rio Doro
Channeling Bryn Jones
Andreas Grotesk
Brain Massage Happy End

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