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John MOuse

The Goat

    When lockdown commenced John MOuse seized the opportunity to create a new album. The concept behind The Goat, was to write, record and release a song on a weekly basis. Each song was then uploaded to bandcamp. The album was remixed and mastered for both vinyl and digital and the initial recordings were then ordered in a cohesive and exciting running order. Social distancing meant that the music for the album was created Lincolnshire by long term collaborator Phil Pearce and then sent to John in Cardiff who worked on the lyrics and vocal melody for each track. The result is a typically idiosyncratic, electronic pop album, heavy on spoken word content and catchy chorus hooks, these songs possess musical hints of everyone from Adian Moffat, Momus to early Pulp.


    Side A
    Le Pigeon
    A Well-Planned Part
    Kerplunk Sticks
    Felix And Sebastien
    The People Vrs Charles Mitchlemore
    Buy To Let Industry Expert

    Side B
    Professor Max Beta
    Use Neutral Tones To Accent Eyes
    The Raven Argonette
    O’Sullivan, Reardon, Doherty, Bond

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