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Jessica Pratt

Here In The Pitch

    On her fourth album, west coast artist Jessica Pratt expands the scope of her artistry, placing her sharpest songs to date within an ever-broadening pool of influences including spectral '60s pop, Hollywood psychedelia and bossa nova. Whereas Pratt's 2019 record, Quiet Signs, floated elegantly in the ether, Here in the Pitch is entrenched in more earthen characteristics, as the title suggests, and her craft is emboldened with a newfound gravitas.


    Barry says: 'Here In The Pitch' takes Jessica Pratt's established sound (brittle folk and slow country balladry) and widens the net into slow hazy pop and soaring widescreen songwriting. Though she's not moved away from the more minimalistic pieces, there are a lot more moments of both jubilance and fear, it's a beautifully crafted and intensely personal creation.


    Side A
    A1 Life Is
    A2 Better Hate
    A3 World On A String
    A4 Get Your Head Out
    A5 By Hook Or By Crook

    Side B
    B1 Nowhere It Was
    B2 Empires Never Know
    B3 Glances
    B4 The Last Year

    Quiet Signs is the journey of an artist stepping out of the darkened wings, growing comfortable as a solitary figure on a sprawling stage. Jessica Pratt is not a loud performer. She does not have to be. In a club of a few hundred, even the bar staff are known to go quiet while she's on stage. Her third album, Quiet Signs, feels like a distillation of this power. The album leads off with ‘Opening Night’, a nod to Gena Rowlands' harrowing, brilliant performance in the John Cassavetes film of the same name, as well as to where this spare, beautiful collection of songs falls within the course of the California artist's career. Quiet Signs is also Pratt's first album fully recorded in a professional studio setting, her songs and guitar arrangements have been pared back to include only what is essential, while the home recorded haze of previous efforts parts to reveal the full scope of her vision. On the first single, ‘This Time Around’, Pratt hits on a profound, late-night clarity over just a couple of deep chords, evoking Caetano Veloso's casual coastal brilliance.


    Barry says: Tenderly plucked acoustic guitar and cavernous, gothic echoes provide a tense but atmospheric foundation for the whimsical and cherubic vocals of Jessica Pratt. From swooning, 50s swing to delicately plucked folk and sparse Americana. Pratt's dedication and impeccably honed sound palette is as effective here as it ever has been.


    A1. Opening Night
    A2. As The World Turns
    A3. Fare Thee Well
    A4. Here My Love
    A5. Poly Blue Side
    B1. This Time Around
    B2. Crossing
    B3. Silent
    B4. Aeroplane

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