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This Is Going To Hurt (OST)

    JARV IS have written & performed the original soundtrack for the critically acclaimed BBC TV series “This is Going to Hurt” based on Adam Kay’s award-winning international multi-million selling memoir of the same name. The soundtrack was recorded at Narcissus Studios, London by Drew Dungate-Smith during various sessions throughout 2021. Most of the performances are live takes featuring the entire band – often recorded whilst they watched the playback of key sequences from the series.

    JARV IS… is a band comprising Jarvis Cocker, Serafina Steer, Emma Smith, Andrew McKinney, Adam Betts & Jason Buckle. The soundtrack consists of a mixture of songs & instrumental pieces, with Cocker & Steer being the main composers. Each episode features at least one song with lyrics by Cocker, who had access to the scripts (adapted by Adam Kay from his own book) from an early stage in the production process. Cocker is quoted as saying “It’s our love song to the NHS”.

    Lead Director Lucy Forbes says “As one of England’s finest lyricists and songwriters we could not have been more thrilled to have Jarvis Cocker and his band write original songs and score for This Is Going To Hurt. His incisive wit, keen sense of observation and ability to write beautiful heartfelt melodies was the perfect fit. His music immediately intertwined with the fabric and tone of the show and took it to a whole new level, getting right to the heart of the pathos, pain and joy of working at the NHS. It was a huge privilege to work with him on this project, and I can’t imagine TIGTH without him.”


    1: This Is Going To Hurt
    2: Visiting Hours
    3: Adam’s Nightmare
    4: Dark Wave
    5: Dare To Love
    6: Shruti
    7: Job Description
    8: Difficult C Section
    9: Fuck This
    10: Just Another One Of Those Days
    11: All I Have Is Yours
    12: Shruti (The Golden Thread)

    Jarv Is / David Holmes & Raven Violet / Meat Raffle / Caia & Dylan Carney


    It's been a while since we've heard from the good folks at Golden Lion, so imagine my delight this sunny Tuesday afternoon when the capped but golden mane of Waka strutted proudly through our door with the latest and greatest wares from the creative and magical hills of Todmorden.

    Amongst this recent haul we have this extra special nugget from the label featuring no other than Jarvis Cocker, Meatraffle & David Holmes amongst some other lesser known but equally talented musicians. So opening the EP with have a live version of The Falls' "Big New Prinz" by Jarvis, recorded at Barbican Art Gallery, 5th October 2020 during the 'Michael Clark, Cosmic Dancer' exhibition.

    Next up is Meatraffle's pastoral kraut anthem: "Mannaggia La Miseria" - comically highlighting the plights of our modern world to a sumptuous soundbed of Wurlitzer, motorik drums and kaleidoscope guitars.

    David Holmes & Raven Violet offer up a tribute to Andrew Weatherall who was also part of the Golden Lion inner circle - bringing his ALFOS night to the pub on a number of occasions. Loosely based on Tropical Moon's track of the same name, it's has more Holmes-y instrumentation and much more psychedelic vibe than the blissed out deep house original.

    Finally, Caia & Dylan Carney, two artists who you might not have heard of (as I'm assuming they're literally children); get in on the action via "Tango Fish". A short, quirky ditty with a kind of campfire / bedroom story type vibe that I'm sure the Todmorden parents will be handing down the generations...

    Wonderful stuff! Limited copies as always from this cult Yorkshire label. A treasure of a record and as usual from GLS an absolute labour of love. Highly recommended!


    JARV IS...- Big New Prinz
    Meatraffle - Mannaggia La Miseria
    David Holmes & Raven Violet - Love Is A Mystery
    Caia & Dylan Carney - Tango Fish

    Jarv Is...

    REMIX ED...

      JARV IS... truly evolving. From its earliest recordings beginning in an actual cave, via the enticing hypnotics behind the mantralike tracks ‘Sometimes I Am Pharaoh’ and ‘Must I Evolve’, the exquisite yet candid storytelling of ‘Swanky Modes’ and timeless anthem-turned-inadvertent lockdown soundtrack, ‘House Music All Night Long’, the debut album of the Jarvis Cocker-led band JARV IS... proved a standout swirl of creativity, invention and vision on its release last summer.

      Yet ‘Beyond The Pale’ has continued to inspire long after the sessions for the record stopped. Despite being divided by the pandemic, audiences came together around the album, Jarvis and co made a live film based on the album with pioneering directors Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard entirely underground in a cavern, and intriguingly other musicians and producers have continued to be intrigued by the songs Cocker and his band created. The latter now has yielded an entirely new way of hearing ‘Beyond The Pale’ as, for the first time in his career, Jarv is releasing a remix album based on one of his records.

      Boasting re-imaginings and re-stylings from the likes of David Holmes, Dennis Bovell and Greg Wilson among others, the record is a collaborative mix that offers new focus and insight on the music of one of this generation's greatest songwriters, while also allowing the remixers’ own unique characters to take flight within JARV IS... creative cave.


      Save The Whale (Mister Deltoid Remix)
      Must I Evolve? (David Holmes & Keefus Ciancia’s Unloved Rework)
      Am I Missing Something? (Pilooski /Jayvich Late Night Mix)
      House Music All Night Long (Hot Chip Remix)
      House Music All Night Long (Greg Wilson & Ché Wilson Remix)
      Do The Pharaoh (Minsky Rock)
      Swanky Modes (Dennis Bovell DubMix)
      Children Of The Echo (Tam Tam Hidrogenesse Remix)

      Jarv Is...

      Swanky Modes (Dennis Bovell Mixes)

        Rough Trade Records are extremely happy to announce the PHYSICAL release of reggae pioneer and innovator Dennis Bovell’s mixes of the JARV IS... track “Swanky Modes” on August 20th. These mixes were first made available digitally back in April (before Dennis was awarded MBE status in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list). Iggy Pop was so impressed he played BOTH of the mixes during the course of a single edition of his BBC 6Music radio show.

        This limited-run 7” single features hand-drawn label art by Jarvis himself & is housed in a bespoke cardboard sleeve with reinforced edging. Tuff.


        Swanky Modes (Dennis Bovell Mix)
        Swanky Modes (Dennis Bovell DubMix)

        JARV IS

        Beyond The Pale

          JARV IS… are pleased to announce their debut album “Beyond the Pale”. This is the first original music from Jarvis Cocker since the “Further Complications” album in 2009.

          JARV IS… a band featuring Jarvis Cocker (vocals, guitar, percussion), Serafina Steer (harp, keyboards, vocals), Emma Smith (violin, guitar vocals), Andrew McKinney (bass, vocals), Jason Buckle (synthesiser & electronic treatments) & Adam Betts (drums, percussion, vocals).

          JARV IS… formed to play a show at the Sigur Ros “Norður og Niður” festival in Iceland at the very end of 2017.

          JARV IS… was conceived as a way of writing songs in collaboration with an audience. As the material they were playing was in a state of flux the band decided to record their live shows so that they could monitor how the songs were developing. After an appearance at the Desert Daze festival in California, Geoff Barrow (Portishead, Beak>) suggested that these recordings could be used as the basis for an album. Overdubs & vocals were added at Narcissus Studios in Neasden, London. Post-production work took place at Jason Buckle’s Place du Big Boss studio in Raynes Park, London. The album was mixed by Craig Silvey at Toast Studios in West London.

          The first single from the album “Must I Evolve?” was released in May 2019 & appeared in many “Top 10 Tracks of the Year” lists.

          JARV IS… an ongoing live experience because life is an ongoing live experience.

          Or, to put it another way:



          Barry says: Jarv Is the ever-talented ex-pulp frontman with a string of unmissable releases since then, spreading over a wide range of styles. Jarv Is returning with a brand new album and Jarv Is absolutely smashing it. It would maybe be easier to go through the things that Jarv Isn't, and he definitely isn't coming off our stereo anytime soon.


          Save The Whale
          MUST I EVOLVE?
          Am I Missing Something
          House Music All Night Long
          Sometimes I Am Pharoah
          Swanky Modes
          Children Of The Echo

          Jarv Is

          Must I Evolve? - Inc. David Holmes & Keefus Ciancia’s Unloved Rework

            From Jarvis re the mix: “David Holmes & Keefus Ciancia invited Catherine Rebeiro, Ennio Morricone, The Vampires of Dartmoor, Jean-Claude Vannier, La Düsseldorf, Alan Vega, Sergio Leone, Dario Argento & Jaromil Jireš to our Rave in the Cave.”

            TRACK LISTING

            Must I Evolve (Original Version)
            Must I Evolve (David Holmes & Keefus Ciancia’s Unloved Rework)

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