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Ian Skelly

Lotus And The Butterfly

    After the psychedelic opus Cut From A Star (2012) and understated country weirdness of Drifter’s Skyline (2020) Ian Skelly is no stranger to the strange. He’s been busy the last few years at his day job as drummer/ songwriter for The Coral, playing and contributing to the critically acclaimed Coral Island and latest albums Sea Of Mirrors/ Holy Joe… Amidst all this, he’s found time to etch out a new and wonderful solo LP.

    Lotus And The Butterfly is a treasure trove of psychedelic colour and freak-folk. Think Brian McLean in a seance with Karen Dalton, dreaming up the soundtrack to a lost American road movie. Recorded between Parr Street Studios, Coastal Studios and band HQ the Coral Caves, it features cameos from James Redmond and bandmates Paul Duffy, Paul Molloy and Zak McDonell. Extended liner notes are written by Nick Power.

    Speaking to Shindig Magazine, Ian says of the album’s theme and feel:

    A lot of the sounds I hear these days bore me, so I wanted to make a record that rips up the rule book a bit. I wanted ‘Sweet Love’ to feel as if it was something from a 1969 biker movie starring Dennis Wilson, you know? No dialogue but plenty of great shots. I put that down originally with just guitar, no click track. Then later I added the drums, that's what gives it that feel, I was having to guess where the ‘one' might be.’ Elsewhere, hardened Coral heads will clock a folk-psych version of Rovin’ Jewel from Butterfly House.

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