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Hans Zimmer And James Newton Howard

Batman Begins OST - Orange Vinyl Edition

    A super limited coloured vinyl reissue of Batman Begins, the first film soundtrack in the batman trilogy. A first time ever coloured vinyl release for this much admired and innovative Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard score

    • A limited edition of just 500 copies WORLDWIDE
    • Gatefold sleeve double album
    • Orange Vinyl


    SIDE 1
    1. Vespertilio
    2. Eptesicus
    3. Myotis
    4. Barbastella
    SIDE 2
    1. Artibeus
    2. Tadarida
    3. Macrotus
    SIDE 3
    1. Antrozous
    2. Nycteris
    3. Molossus
    SIDE 4
    1. Corynorhinus
    2. Lasiurus

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