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H. Hawkline

Milk For Flowers

    Following the 2017 album I Romanticize and 2015's In The Pink of Condition, the album was produced and features musical contributions from long-time collaborator and celebrated solo artist Cate Le Bon. Artwork is designed by H.Hawkline.

    Recorded at Rockfield Studios in Monmouthshire, the album features a host of musical collaborators – Davey Newington [Boy Azooga] on drums, Paul Jones [Group Listening] on piano, Tim Presley [White Fence, DRINKS, The Fall] on guitar, Stephen Black [Sweet Baboo] and Euan Hinshelwood [Younghusband, Cate Le Bon] on sax, Harry Bohay [Aldous Harding] on pedal steel and John Parish [PJ Harvey, Aldous Harding] on infrequent bongo. The record was then engineered by Joe Jones [Aldous Harding, Parquet Courts] and mixed, after an unlikely and fortuitous crossing of paths, by the Grammy-nominated Patrik Berger [Charli XCX, Robyn, Lana Del Rey], and mastered by Heba Kadry [Deerhunter, Cass McCombs, Cate Le Bon].

    Milk for Flowers is at once visceral and enlightened, its soundscapes verdant yet delicately rendered, and with this latest, most intimate work, H. Hawkline beautifully bares his blood, bones and soul. And quietly, along with the entrails and rubble held in Milk For Flowers’ reliquary, there hides a small, green kernel of life; hope, perhaps, that today’s decay might nourish tomorrow’s blooms.


    Barry says: I lived in Cardiff for some time, and there's something intangible there that makes people *really* good at writing this sort of 60's psych influenced athletic indie-pop, and Huw really makes some of the best out there. It shines with influence from classic rock to lounge and garage and psychedelia influences oozing out of every pore. Loads of melody and groove, but with an indescribable wooze and syncopation to the songwriting, without ever feeling strained. A triumph once again from H. Hawkline.


    Milk For Flowers
    Plastic Man
    Suppression Street
    I Need Him
    Athens At Night
    Like You Do
    It's A Living
    Empty Room

    H. Hawkline

    Last Thing On Your Mind / More Salt

      Well, this is rather nice! A super-limited 12" in a hand stamped and numbered screen printed sleeve.

      Artwork by H. Hawkline.

      Last Thing On Your Mind and unreleased b side "More Salt".

      Recorded in Los Angeles with Samur Khouja, who worked with Huw on his last album, In The Pink Of Condition, the track features Cate Le Bon and Josiah Steinbrick.

      Talking about the track, Huw said:

      'It waits like the cat who knows it'll eventually get cream. Sits, makes eyes and then sips, always watching, one eye on the washer, the warm smell of fresh china'

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