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Grizzly Knuckles / The Jak

Caviar (Ensemble) / From Old Days Past

Dirty Blends hit us with their 10th release. I don't think a label has epitomized the OG spirit of Trax, the Muzic Box, and those early tape experiments by Adonis, Ron Hardy et al so well. Proper primitive, primordial warehouse tackle that gets right inside your body!

The A-side comes from new label member Grizzly Knuckles with "Caviar" - an edit of Jackmaster Dick's Revenge's (real alias) 1986 release, "Sensuous Woman Goes Disco" - but utilizing a much less x-rated vocal snippet, revolving around food rather than explicit sexual material. 

The B-side comes from label head The Jak who recreats the drum rhythms of Jesse Saunders with his KPR, taking us back to the mosh pits of The Reactor or Medusa with another stripped back exercise in jak beat. 

Dirty Blends - strictly for the most outrageous nightclub weirdos! Recommended. 


Matt says: The Dirty Blends jak beat enslaught continues in earnest with a double header from label stalwarts Grizzly Knuckles and The Jak. Chicago historians will recognize "From The Old Days Past", a clever tweak of Jackmaster Dick's make-you-blush booty track (also used quite recently by Paranoid London). This stuff is so powerful and carnal; almost has me tearing off my clothes ready to slam dance.


A1. Grizzly Knuckles - Caviar Ensemble
B1. The Jak - From Old Days Past

The Falcon / Grizzly Knuckles / The Jak

Sounds The Alarm / Mad Bell / Aftermath

More jak beat from the on-fire Dirty Blends crew. This one's mad as a box of frogs, recalling the crazed genius of Steve Poindextor and early Lil Louis madness. All three tracks revolve around slam dance repetition, primordial jack patterns and pure Chicago spirit. Not for the fainthearted - strictly for the freaks! Recommended and limited. 


Matt says: There's simply nothing like the Dirty Blends cartel out there at the moment. Revisiting the embryonic spirit of Chicago house music, when it was literally just a drum machine and a sampler, they manage to capture a primitive energy that's more intoxicating than half the other shit out there made with tons more equipment! Essential stuff for fans of Ron Hardy, Jamal Moss, Trax Records, Steve Poindextor, Adonis, Lil Louis etc etc.


A. The Falcon - Sound The Alarm
B1. Grizzly Knuckles - Mad Bell
B2. The Jak - Aftermath

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