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Holy Mountain

    Grandamme's debut album 'Holy Mountain' takes cues from filmic, dystopian retromania and a distorted yet romantic aesthetic of fading glamour. Effortlessly interconnected, the duo is formed of Claudia Kane's timeless songwriting and soulfully affecting voice, wholly complimented by Bastien Keb’s dream-like production of dolorous orchestrated instrumentation warmly rubbing up against 80s sci-fi synthesisers and lo-fi beats. Their combined vision of haunting dream-pop blends vintage and future aspects likea classic black & white movie being experienced anew in a virtual reality world. Reoccurring themes of escapism, love, sensuality, vulnerability, melancholy and introspection permeate the lyrics.

    Movie references commonly intertwine with song themes: Thelma and Louise in 'BigEscape' ("It’s about finding that one person who completely understands you"), Palm Springs in 'Poolside', while the lyrics of ‘Holy Mountain’ take inspiration from the avant-garde 70's movie of the same title as well as theories by psychotherapist Esther Perel. Claudia explains, “I like to write music with a strong visual scene ormoment playing out in my head like something from a film”. Soundtracking Claudia's lyrical musings on life both real and fantastical, Bastien Kebbrings production inspired by luminaries as far reaching as David Axlerod, Kate Bush, Roy Orbison, Madlib and The Delfonics.

    In his music you can hear snippets of wistful do-wop ballads, eerie psychedelic folk and Western soundtracks; all while playing guitar, trumpet, bass, drums, piano, flute and more. On his formative musical influences Keb says "I generally got lost in movies and music as a teenager, which is where all my influences come from". When asked how he wants people to feel when listening to Grandamme, Keb replies “Ideally, I want them to cry. Whilst dancing.”A self-soothing recall of intensely personal thoughts, dreams and stories; 'HolyMountain' is the sound of two creative souls finding inspiration and support in ashared cinematic fantasy world.


    1. Poolside
    2. Big Escape
    3. Nirvana
    4. Deep Dark Sky
    5. 8 AM
    6. Honeymoon
    7. Holy Mountain
    8. Wild Time
    9. Forever
    10. Love Hurts
    11. I Won't Fail You

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