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Gigi Masin & Rod Modell

Red Hair Girl At The Lighthouse Beach

Vinyl LP presented in a deluxe edition with printed innersleeve and a special transparent obi strip; the cover is also printed internally. Hand numbered.

Making music is trying to start over again every time. It’s a matter of questioning and approaching. It’s never settling for the sound that fills the world around. It’s looking for a door in the sky. And maybe find it, open it, go beyond it. Rod Modell and Gigi Masin, this time together, are offering each other vibrations and insights. The former lives between two lakes, the latter between the Venetian lagoon and the sea. Everyone on their own shore, building electronic bridges in semi-darkness to allow us to cross too.

A simple concept requiring little pre-production conversation: Rod has reworked a piece of Gigi, making it his own, and so did Gigi with a piece of Rod (can you guess which is which?). A magnificent intersection of sounds and thoughts, remaining suspended to watch the passing of time, to listen to the noises and silences of life that passes inexorably around us. 


A. Red Hair Girl At The Bus Stop (19:31)
B. Summer Morning At Lighthouse Beach (15:43)

Gaussian Curve (Gigi Masin, Jonny Nash, Young Marco)


Music From Memory's fourth release sees the Amsterdam based label taking an exciting sidestep with the release of “Clouds”, an album of contemporary music recorded in spring 2014. “Clouds” is the debut album of Gaussian Curve, a collaboration between Italian ambient pioneer Gigi Masin, Land Of Light’s Jonny Nash and Marco Sterk (also known as Young Marco).

Each of them established in their own rights, the three musicians from Italy, UK and the Netherlands, came together during a weekend long recording session in April of this year.Without preconceived ideas and developed around often purely intuitive improvised jams, the eight tracks on the album are all 'one take' live recordings. With Gigi Masin on Rhodes and piano, Jonny Nash on guitar, melodica, synths and trumpet and Marco Sterk on synths, rhythmic structures and production duties, the three of them succeed in developing a musical language all of their own.

Recorded in the heart of Amsterdam's Red Light district, the album reflects the unusually warm spring and the buzz from the open windows that filled the derelict downtown studio space during that particular weekend. Whilst on the more introvert late night compositions the music quietly soars, reflecting the brooding melancholy of an evening in that particular part of the city. With a heartfelt simplicity “Clouds” is a record of an inspired meeting of unique souls and unique surroundings.


Side 1
1. Talk To The Church 
2. Impossible Island 
3. Dewdrops 
4. Ride 
Side 2
1. Broken Clouds 
2. Unsolved 
3. The Longest Road
4. Red Light 

The Italian’s ambient and minimal electronic compositions are the subject of forthcoming retrospective from the Amsterdam label.

The Music From Memory label was launched by Redlight Records founders Tako Reyenga, Abel Nagenast and Jamie Tiller earlier this year, sporting a proud mantra of “giving overlooked and unreleased music that we love a second chance”. Music From Memory’s debut release 'Liquid Diamonds' collated material from the 1980s private press output of Rhode Island resident Leon Lowman who had a penchant for detailing his romantic exploits over a backdrop of languid synth funk.

The focus of attention for Music Of Memory’s next release falls on the works of celebrated ambient composer Gigi Masin. Born in Venice, Masin’s work has been sampled by the likes of Bjork and To Rococco Rot and his albums attract feverish acclaim, with Wind, Masin’s privately pressed debut LP a desired rarity for the only the most well-heeled of second hand collectors. It’s from this album and a selection of Masin’s other released works that Music From Memory draw from for the forthcoming double LP retrospective 'Talk To The Sea', which also includes a healthy amount of unreleased material.


Andy says: Gigi Masin, realigning chakras in South Manchester since 2014. Essential, immersive ambient music from the ever on point Music From Memory.


Snake Theory
The Word Love
Fata Morgana
Talk To The Sea
Music For Chameleons
Little Faith
First Time Ruth Saw The Sea
The Nylon Dollar
The Kasparian Circle
Stella Maris
Call Me
The City Lights
She Wears Shades

Greg Foat & Gigi Masin


    Recorded remotely during 2021-2022 the album took shape in the form of mutual compositions, gradually developed and embellished online. Final recording sessions took place at the majestic Chale Abbey Studios on the Isle Of Wight with Moses Boyd (drums), Tom Herbert (bass) and Siobhan Cosgrove (flute, clarinet) adding elements to several pieces. Tracks include the reflective, wistful single ‘VientoCalido’ and drifting ambient piece ‘Sabena’, a beautiful tribute to Gigi’s wife who sadly passed away during 2022.

    Greg Foat has recorded prolifically in recent years including acclaimed albums Symphonie Pacifique (2020) and The Mage (2019).
    Best known for his 1986 ambient masterpiece Wind and as a member of Gaussian Curve, Gigi Masin has enjoyed a revival in recent years through his Calypso album on R&S’s Apollo label and renewed touring. Dolphin represents Greg and Gigi’s first landmark recording collaboration together. “I first heard Gigi’s album Wind in 2016,” remembers Greg. “I was living in Miami and I heard it playing one Summer evening. Since then, it has always been in my mind to be able to record together.”

    "This album is a tribute to the joy of playing together and creating something beautiful and exciting. A sincere hymn to life"(Gigi Masin)


    Barry says: Two of the greatest forces in ambient music here, presenting a laid-back suite of shimmering aquatic melodies and deft pad swells, lightened with a deft touch of loungey jazz keys and swimming Balearic groove. Every bit as wonderful as you'd expect from such legendary musicians.


    1 / A1 Lee
    2 / A2 London Nights
    3 / A3 Love Theme
    4 / B1 Dolphin
    5 / B2 Sabena
    6 / B3 Leo Theo
    7 / B4 Viento Calido
    8. Your Move

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