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Ghost Power

Ghost Power

    Ghost Power are Jeremy Novak [Dymaxion] and Timothy Gane [Stereolab, Cavern of Anti-Matter and Turn On].

    Duophonic Super 45s have previously released music by both artists - Novak via a Dymaxion compilation album and 7", Gane via various Stereolab, Cavern of Anti-Matter and Turn On releases.

    Having previously released a limited edition 7" in 2020, Ghost Power by Ghost Power brings the two musicians together for a full length album.

    The tracks were recorded in Berlin and New York, both remotely and with Novak and Gane working together in each city.


    1. Asteroid Witch
    2. Panic In The Isles Of Splendor
    3. Lithic Fragment
    4. Inchwork
    5. Zome Primer
    6. Grimalkin
    7. Heavy Bubbles
    8. Vertical Section
    9. Opsimath
    10. Astral Melancholy Suite

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