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Rise - National Album Day 2023 Edition

    Released in 1999, ‘Rise’ is the third studio album by Singer/Songwriter Gabrielle.

    Having achieved major commercial success, the pop-soul classic spent three weeks at Number 1 on the UK Albums Chart, and is certified 4x platinum.

    This release comes as a Limited Edition Yellow Vinyl. 


    Side A
    When A Woman
    Tell Me What You Dream
    5 O'Clock
    Should I Stay
    Side B
    Over You
    If You Love Me
    Independence Day
    Gonna Get Better
    Out Of Reach

    "With its boisterous and dynamic arrangement, catchy chorus, and engaging sentiments, ('Keep the Fire' is) guaranteed to ignite something meaningful within you, too." - PopMatters

    "...a sweeping, ambitious album that swells with strings and heart." - CBC Music

    "It’s big, and it’s dramatic." - The East

    Released on our very own state51 label 'Keep the Fire' is the defiant, poignant mantra around which this sweeping and heart-piercing album is built; a weary warning filled with wisdom, empathy, defiance and pride.

    The music remains confidently rooted in folk strumming and gentle vocal phrasings. But Gabrielle has embraced her pop leanings and pushed them to the forefront. The songs pulse with dramatic strings, keys and evocative percussion that combine for surprising left-turns. It is music you’d expect to find on a playlist between Florence Welch and Thom Yorke; bold without sacrificing emotion.

    This art-pop progression comes from the pairing of Papillon’s trusted producer and pop-folk whiz Daniel Ledwel with mixing engineer Corey LeRue, the EDM pop genius behind Neon Dreams. Together, their work lifts Keep the Fire into a new realm adding heft and punch to pretty songs with LeRue’s secret mixing recipes. Their approaches may be disparate, but the result is something thrilling—melodic and catchy, memorable and affecting.

    Keep The Fire’s emotional scope and sonic ambition are clear signs of a talented and ambitious artist ready to tackle new markets and build on a dedicated and growing fanbase.


    1. Overture For The Fire Keeper
    2. Three Years
    3. The Damage
    4. Deep In The Earth
    5. Hold On, I Will
    6. When The Heart Attacks
    7. Keep The Fire
    8. Heart Beat
    9. Some Rise Up
    10. What To Keep
    11. No Paradise

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