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Head Of Pomegranate

    Flamingods return with new album 'Head of Pomegranate', recorded in Atlanta by Grammy award-winning producer Ben H. Allen (Animal Collective, Deerhunter, M.I.A.).

    The much-loved London quartet have now been crafting their distinctive genre-defying music for over a decade now. Stylistically and in typical nature of a Flamingods record, there are a lot of genres and sounds covered. Weaving through genres of psychedelia, new wave, electronica and punk – often within the same song – is a bit of a specialty for the band, as is their knack for blending in influences from their unique cultural heritages and love of 70s British rock and roll. ‘We’re a band of mixed-race boys making alternative rock music, something that’s quite rare within our scene. We’re very much influenced by our heritage but aren’t engrossed in making traditional or obvious rock music. We’d rather make it our own.’

    Album opener and first single Dreams (On The Strip) sets the tone for the record, with its moody synthesizers, gritty drum machines and euphoric chorus. It’s a new era for the band and they want you to know this from the get-go.


    Side A:
    1. Dreams (On A Strip)
    2. Adana
    3. The Dip
    4. Dirty Money
    5. Gutterball
    6. Born Lucky

    Side B:
    7. Volta Rocket
    8. Tall Glass
    9. Perfumed Garden
    10. Eastern Cowboys
    11. Head Of Pomegranate


    Hyperborea (Part 1 & 2)

      Flamingods are a four-piece, multi-instrumental, multi-cultural band from Bahrain & London formed in 2010. They have previously released music on an array of reputable indies including Moshi Moshi, Soundway and Art is Hard. The band was founded by Kamal Rasool and now consists of Rasool, Sam Rowe, Charles Prest & Karthik Poduval

      The group explores and experiments with an array of influences from Western psychedelia, jazz & indie to a wide-eyed obsession with music from the East. Using a vast selection of instruments from the Middle East, India, Thailand and Turkey, the band marries this with Western instrumentations of synthesisers, guitars and drums to create a potent sound all of its own that they call ‘Exotic Psychedelia’.

      Label head-honcho Dan Carey came across the band at a late night Glastonbury Crows-Nest set earlier in the year and was obsessed immediately. The track is their set finale and Carey wanted to capture the krautrock fury he witnessed them conjuring up that night on record and so invited them to do a Speedy.

      The band say 'Hyperborea is a re-recording of a track of the same name from our second LP, which over the years has developed in our live set into a 12-15 minute mammoth of a tune that found us exploring some heavy psychedelia and krautrock themes woven into the original with multiple new riffs and sections. It's the result of each player in the band developing their parts over the space of 3 years and finally getting it to a stage we were fully satisfied with. We've wanted to record it for so long and it made so much sense working with Dan Carey to pull it off. He's a brilliant mind and alongside his team gave the song the treatment it's been longing for all these years. Dan was like a psych shaman!’

      And what a tune it is. The result is a 13 minute mammoth – an epic beast of a song that starts all tribal strings and shamanic distant vocals before building into a sea of monstrous distortion and motorik explosion. That you can dance to.

      Also, in true breaking-the rules Speedy-style the label (after the release of their very first double A-side 7” earlier in the series) due to the tracks length, have had to commit this musical assault of the senses to their very first 10” vinyl – the first time in the labels history they have deviated from their strict 7” single format. But it’s worth it.

      Break the mould. Make space for Flamingods.



        Flamingods are set to return with 'Majesty', the band's third album and debut release on Soundway Records. 

        With this new album the five-piece have taken their sound in a new direction with a rich and multi-layered album brimming with diverse influences that reflect their multi-cultural backgrounds.

        The shimmering 10-track album crosses blissful psychedelia with a rich spectrum of the band's sonic inspirations.

        'Majesty' was written and arranged with a conceptual narrative, cohesive both musically and lyrically, following the story of protagonist Yuka on his journey of enlightenment. The record is split in two, morning / light / good (tracks 1-5) and evening / dark / evil (tracks 6-10) that unravels track-by-track as the record plays out.


        Patrick says: Possibly Bahrain's best known (or only) musical export, Flamingods have cooked up three albums in as many years, all without the most fleeting appearance on my radar. That is, until my girlfriend played me the stunning 'Anya', a subtropical sibling to Jonathan Wilson's 'Desert Raven' which blew my mind wide open. Gently psychedelic, totally musical and wonderfully exotic, 'Majesty' is a trip from start to finish.

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