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Beauty In Your Wake

    FINK, Long-established alt-folk trio, return with Fin Greenall’s eighth studio album under the genre-hopping moniker. Coalescing around the emergent urgency in each of the album’s ten tracks and intimate, closed-door sessions in picturesque Cornwall, the soul-reaching ‘Beauty In Your Wake’ is released on the band’s R’COUP’D label.

    Now resident in Berlin, native Cornishman Greenall, one time collaborator with John Legend, Amy Winehouse, Colin Stetson and more, sought the solitude and back-to-earth atmosphere of the small village of Zennor, on the county’s picturesque Atlantic coast for the agenda-free, organic recording sessions. The band were invited to record at producer Sam Okell’s newly built studio and were the first band to create there. Okell is the Grammy Award-winning engineer and mixer of The Beatles’ Get Back and Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band 50th Anniversary Release.

    Imagining that those conditions could percolate a lo-fi, classic English folk album, the joint creative restlessness of the band and Okell instead pushed ‘Beauty In Your Wake’ into the expansive realms of FINK’s commercially and critically successful albums of the noughties and 2010’s, and is a triumphant return to self. FINK’s music has always been woven into a broader global tapestry, not least because the band’s music has featured on countless film and TV soundtracks such as Better Call Saul, The Walking Dead, and most recently on the latest series of True Detective.

    Going ‘overground’ in the music world for the first time in 1997 as a dance-orientated signee to Ninja Tunes’ sister label N-Tone, Greenall’s life in music has travelled diverse roads and lit numerous corners of the international music business. The reformed, classic FINK line-up is the same as that which first recorded the band’s breakthrough album, Biscuits For Breakfast (2006), a release that proved to be a springboard for widespread international touring.


    A1. What Would You Call Yourself
    A2. The Only Thing That Matters
    A3. Be Forever Like A Curse
    A4. It's Like You Ain't Mine No More
    A5. Follow You Down
    B1. I Don't See You As The Others Do
    B2. One Last Gift
    B3. Don't Forget To Leave
    B4. So We Find Ourselves
    B5. When I Turn This Corner



      ‘IIUII’ is essentially a re-imagining, a reminiscence and a unique take on the Best Of format, with the band re-recording key Fink tracks from 2006-2016 - “that whole arc, from my bedroom to having a proper hit, playing the big festival stages with big production, and all the rest,” according to Fin Greenall aka Fink.

      In 2019, after heavy band touring for three years, Fin did a solo acoustic tour which took him full circle back to the simplicity of those early days. Making an album that reflected this seemed like a beautiful way to tie the whole story together.

      Fink has previously collaborated with artists such as Bonobo, Amy Winehouse, John Legend, Professor Green and more.

      For fans of Bon Iver, The National, Nick Mulvey, Jose Gonzalez, Iron & Wine.


      Barry says: And so to IIUII. Both the acoustic album and the book are a document of the first ten years of Fink Mark Two, 2006-16 - "that whole arc, from my bedroom to having a proper hit, playing the big festival stages with big production, and all the rest." In 2019, after heavy band touring for three years, Fin did a solo acoustic tour which took him full circle back to the simplicity of those early days - and making an album that reflected this seemed a beautiful way to tie the whole story together.


      Sort Of Revolution (IIUII)
      Warm Shadow (IIUII)
      Looking Too Closely (IIUII)
      Shakespeare (IIUII)
      Pills In My Pocket (IIUII)
      This Is The Thing (IIUII)
      Walking In The Sun (IIUII)
      Blueberry Pancakes (IIUII)
      Berlin Sunrise (IIUII)
      Maker (IIUII)
      Biscuits (IIUII)
      Yesterday Was Hard On All Of Us (IIUII)

      Fink’s "Bloom Innocent" is the gravity-defying, sky-scraping, stars-reaching sound of a man on a mission: to excite himself, to escape expectations, to thrust clear of all his previous achievements. It’s a spacious, capacious, eight track wonder glowing with delicate piano, ear-tingling guitar and Fink’s soulful, woody vocal. His seventh studio album was largely recorded in Fink’s home studio in Berlin, aided and abetted by his regular touring musicians, with an ally available to him back in London: Flood - one of the world’s all-time greatest record producers (Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, PJ Harvey, U2, Foals, Warpaint, The Killers).


      Bloom Innocent
      We Watch The Stars
      Once You Get A Taste
      Out Loud
      That’s How I See You
      I Just Want A Yes
      Rocking Chair
      My Love’s Already There



        "Resurgam" - meaning 'I shall rise again' - is the hotly-anticipated sixth studio album from Fink: UK-born, Berlin-based founding singer-songwriter musician Fin Greenall, alongside long-time bandmates Tim Thornton (drums, guitar) and Guy Whittaker (bass). It continues an acclaimed and distinctly adventurous catalogue, from the sample-splicing debut "Fresh Produce" (2000), through to the beautifully heady expressions of their last album, "Hard Believer" (2014). Fink have never been afraid to experiment; on "Resurgam", they arguably sound more fearless than ever. 'I was fresh off the Blues tour, voice thrashed, nails broken, the sweat from the last encore still on the guitar as I unpacked on the first day,' recalls Greenall. 'The first week was supposed to be set up and settling in – by the end of day 4 we had already recorded the track "Resurgam", the first track we nailed, on the first take, whilst essentially warming up...' "Resurgam" derives its title from a Latin inscription in a 900-year-old church in Greenall’s native Cornwall. Its vital, insistent spirit pulses through the entire album, which was recorded with ground-breaking producer Flood (PJ Harvey, U2, Foals, Warpaint, The Killers) at his Assault & Battery studios in North London. Its ten new tracks were created over two months, a relatively luxurious stretch of time compared to previous Fink albums, resulting in a collection that is both assertive and richly immersive. "Flood, present and engaged from the first demo, guided me through the process of doing things differently, from writing, to singing, to even thinking about the music I make," says Greenall. "His combination of 'deadlines are a good thing' versus 'fuck the deadline', and his mantra of 'making records to be bought, not sold' gave us all, in our own individual corner of the studio, the fire and the focus to pull together our firmest, strongest, and most coherent record to date." On the opening title number, "Resurgam"'s lyrics are deliberately stripped-back, but they also pack a powerful punch, along with a deliciously persuasive deep funk flow. There is revelation and redemption; Fink’s positive conviction pervades even the darkest sentiments here. "Day 22" deals with sobriety and temptation, spiked with Greenall’s characteristic observant wit ('the blood, sweat, tears taste so good'). The lead single, "Cracks Appear" delivers a headrush of melody, with warmth and candour. On the exquisitely bittersweet "Word To The Wise", Greenall lingers over the final notes of a love affair, tenderly accompanied on the piano by Douglas Dare. "Not Everything Was Better In The Past" feels like a personal awakening, merging sharp reflections and poignant moods.   A heavy, resonant bass underpins the production throughout, and a range of new elements are also added to the Fink mix, from Flood’s own vintage analogue synths, to sax (played by guest musician Martin Slattery) layered into the vivid atmospheres and skittering beats of "This Isn’t A Mistake". The rhythm guitar hook of "Godhead" brings out a West African influence, and lends a mesmerising backdrop to Greenall’s rousing vocals.


        Barry says: Brilliantly loose Americana-tinged singer-songwriting, groovy shimmering guitars and heartfelt odes, all topped with that swooning vocal lilt. A stunning outing.


        1. Resurgam
        2. Day 22
        3. Cracks Appear
        4. Word To The Wise
        5. Not Everything Was Better In The Past
        6. The Determined Cut
        7. Godhead
        8. This Isn't A Mistake
        9. Covering Your Tracks
        10. There's Just Something About You

        Following the success of last year’s 'Hard Believer' album - which saw the trio known as Fink melding Fin Greenall’s ruggedly lush vocals with a slow-burning and steady-thumping array of string plucking (Guy Whittaker) and cymbal smashing (Tim Thornton) - they ring in 2015 with 'Horizontalism'.

        Presented as a collection of dubs from 'Hard Believer', the re-worked material takes on a decidedly more mysterious turn: vocals dangle and loop precariously over raw edges of murky sound, lasers oscillate and waves crash, percussion click-clacks somewhere far away, and the listener somehow draws nearer to the core from which Fink draws the sonic intimacy for which they’re so well-known.

        Inspired by Greenall’s new home in Berlin and his resurgent interest in electronic production, his series of mixes may stand in stark contrast to the bands musical output of the past years but the listener finds themselves at the same intersection of impassioned storytelling, manifest emotion and darkly beautiful ambience that Fink fans have come to expect.


        Fall Into The Light
        Looking Too Closely (So36dub)
        Shakespeare (Nachbarn39)
        Pilgrim (Moda232)
        A30 Breakdown
        Suffering Is The Art Of Love
        White Flag (Nachteule143)
        Hard Believer (kstr10179)
        Green And The Blue (RLP12-321)
        Music Won’t Save You (Horizontalism Mix)

        'Hard Believer' is the eagerly-awaited new studio album from Fink: Fin Greenall (vocals / guitar), together with Tim Thornton (drums / guitar) and Guy Whittaker (bass). It will be their first release on the R’COUP’D imprint, a label newly created by Greenall with the backing of the Ninja Tune team.

        Recorded in 17 days at Hollywood’s legendary Sound Factory studios with producer Billy Bush (Garbage, Beck, Foster the People), Hard Believer is shot through with rawness and controlled aggression; an album replete with calm beginnings seguing into powerfully hypnotic loops and climactic finales. It is a masterful collection of songs from an artist at the peak of his creative powers.

        “We wanted to go deeper this time, and be more ambitious with the music,” Fin explains, “to move the sound forward without losing touch of where we’re from.”

        Urban, bluesy, and alive, the album presents ten brand new songs, including the mighty “Shakespeare”, a tale of young love gone tragically sour as the mood darkens from acoustic to guttural rock; the spiky yet delicate “Looking Too Closely”, riding an irresistible piano-and-guitar groove; “Green and the Blue”, on which a vulnerable Greenall meditates on the constants in life that see you through tough times; “Two Days Later”, a deeply personal lament and one of only two songs on the record that start and remain down-tempo; and the breathtaking “Pilgrim”, the latest collaboration with songwriter Blair Mackichan, co-writer of “This Is The Thing” from Fink’s 2007 album Distance and Time, and “Honesty” from 2011’s Perfect Darkness.

        Since making the transition from world-class club DJ and electronic producer, to the first ever singer-songwriter signed to legendary British label Ninja Tune, Greenall has released four critically acclaimed albums, worked in the studio with the likes of John Legend, Ximena Sariñana, Amy Winehouse and Professor Green and enjoyed incredible live success with the hugely popular 18-month Perfect Darkness world tour, which accumulated two live records: 2012’s Wheels Turn Beneath My Feet, and 2013’s Fink Meets the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra. All this and Fink is still a name which – while evoking an impassioned response from many a fellow artist and from the avid fanbase – remains a mystery to a wider majority. This looks set to change...

        The term "Hard Believer" comes from deep-south Americana; it means somebody who is difficult to persuade, who requires proof. In truth, all anyone has to do here is listen to the powerful collection of songs on Hard Believer. The belief will surely follow.


        Hard Believer
        Green And The Blue
        White Flag
        Two Days Later
        Truth Begins
        Looking Too Closely
        Too Late
        Keep Falling

        Bonus CD (RCPDCD001 Only)
        Hard Believer (Denmark Street Session)
        Green And The Blue (Denmark Street Session)
        Pilgrim (Denmark Street Session)
        Truth Begins (Denmark Street Session)


        Perfect Darkness

          Mention Fink and you surprisingly get one of two reactions: head-scratching non-familiarity; or the impassioned response that prompts artists such as John Legend and Professor Green to wax lyrical about him live on air. It is a remarkable void, one which looks set to finally close upon the release of Fink’s latest studio album 'Perfect Darkness'.

          As Fink explains, "Singer-songwriters always get criticised – fairly – for sometimes sounding like a scratched record… Moaning about this, moaning about that, girlfriend’s left you, blah blah, blah. With Fink we do sing about relationships and love and emotions - but we also sing about other stuff: embracing fear, Berlin dawns, looking forward."

          A smouldering, pulsating, and purposeful book of songs, 'Perfect Darkness' bristles with tense passion and hypnotic charm. It is, in two words, bewitching and addictive. Judging by this new record he is set to emerge into the bright lights of long-deserved mass recognition.


          Biscuits For Breakfast

            After the critical acclaim which has met Fink's two singles, "Pretty Little Thing" and "So Long", now it's time for the full length, "Biscuits For Breakfast". Completely recorded at his 7Dials studio in Brighton and already drawing comparisons to the mighty John Martyn, the album is a highly personal, beautifully executed journey into folk, blues, soul and dub overtones that sees the former dowbeat beatsman reinvent himself in a way that's more akin to a religious conversion than normal record company 'change of haircut' practice. From the very opening of the record Fink shows that his lyrical pre-occupations are very much his own. While he touches on themes which are in themselves familiar - love, sex, loss, bad jobs, the ephemera of everyday life - he treats them with such an attention to detail and to his own genuine feelings that they fly. Beautifully produced, achingly soulful, "Biscuits For Breakfast" is an album that will stand the test of time, because at root it's built on original, honest song-writing.

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