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"Pressure" is a new garage project produced by Dusky. Still typically resemblant of their trademark sound, this musical excursion looks back to their formative years and early productions that were heavily influenced by UK and US garage. Covering everything from murky 2 step sounds to uplifting vocal bubblers and soulful US influenced 4x4, the project includes collaborations with Manchester's garage revivalist Interplanetary Criminal, two-step pioneer El-B and London-based songwriter Mariella.

'When we were writing our most recent album "Joy" we really enjoyed the process of creating "Eros", one of the more garage influenced tracks on the album. It reignited our interest in the genre's sound world, so once "Joy" was complete we got stuck into writing a load of similar material and this project is the result.' - Dusky

Their luminous and hi-tech aesthetic sounds as galvanized as ever they pair pop-perfect vocal melodies with rugged, speaker-busting production and a glossy, club feel. Highlights for me are the two colabs - with El-B and Interplanetary Criminal plus the uplifting futuristic house of second track, "Endless Sky". Recommended!


Matt says: Top drawer tackle from future-garage and bass house heroes Dusky. Reeking of the Now, across 11 tracks we're guided with neon lights thru UKG, 2-step, 4x4 and US garage flavours. All with their signature flair. Crucial!


A1. Up In Smoke 
A2. Endless Sky 
B1. In Effect 
B2. Northbound 
B3. Lonely Dulcimer 
C1. Dusky & El-B - Bubblin' 
C2. Rollers 
C3. Double Bubble 
D1. FM Dreams 
D2. Dusky & Interplanetary Criminal - Frontier 
D3. Stepper Ft. Mariella 

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