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Denise Johnson

Where Does It Go - Repress

    Simply vocals and acoustic guitar.

    Denise Johnson's debut acoustic album 'Where Does It Go' is a very Mancunian affair.

    Recorded in Ancoats with Thomas Twemlow on acoustic guitar, she covers iconic songs that mean something to her from Manchester bands including New Order, The Smiths & 10cc as well as her own compositions.

    After performing on Primal Scream's 'Screamadelica', A Certain Ratio and New Order's 'Music Complete', this Manchester girl's album is well overdue but not before time.

    Where does it go, with Denise's voice that ''does something to you'' has been eagerly awaited.


    says: There are myriad reasons why this is an essential purchase, but number one in my opinion is the wonderful songwriting. Denise has been the vocal force behind many a classic tune, and now her legacy continues with this beautiful collection of acoustic pieces. Simple, unadorned beauty and a superb legacy for one of the nicest people on the Manchester music scene.


    True Faith
    I'm Not In Love
    Nothing You Can Do
    Sunshine After The Rain
    Well I Wonder
    Steal Me Easy

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