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By The Sea

Heaven Knows Magnolia

    Wirral band By The Sea return with their third album.

    By The Sea come from the lineage of firework pop, bursts of colour and squeeze-your-hand intense love aligned with grey skies & work things.
    Recall the first time you heard The Chills’ ‘Pink Frost’ or Television Personalities’ How I Learned To Live The Bomb’?

    That’s the encounter.

    Liam Power formed By The Sea in 2011, the band’s debut single Waltz Away coming out on The Great Pop Supplement label that year. In November 2012 the band released their self-titled album through Dell’Orso and GPS. The NME noted how there was “a beautifully bruised element to this Wirral act’s debut from the subdued, morbid production to Liam Power’s heroically battle-weary vocals”.

    They have also often been tagged for their kitchen-sink dramas though they’re more akin to something like ‘Wish You Were Here’, both funny and dark without being maudlin. There’s an end of pier melancholy to By The Sea records though, something more than a scribble of sentiment on a souvenir postcard.

    For their second LP ‘Endless Days, Crystal Skies the band turned over production duties to their friend Bill Ryder-Jones (formerly of The Coral) and released that bounty of melodic pop in 2014. It’s a partnership they have retained for the new third album ‘Heaven Knows Magnolia’ released on limited purple vinyl, CD and digital formats on October 21st. The song ‘Bedbound Melodies’ is also a co-write with Bill.


    1. ESP
    2. Heaven Knows Magnolia
    3. Desire Paths
    4. Shall We Put On How I Long?
    5. Harry And Stevie
    6. Bedbound Melodies
    7. Anywhere You Like
    8. Carl’s UFO
    9. Love Letter
    10. Mt Pleasant
    11. The Let Downs

    In 2021 Bristol hip-hop duo Ree-Vo released two singles from their forthcoming album ‘All Welcome On Planet Ree-Vo’. The first was the electro-fused, LFO-surfing ‘Combat’ with a remix by techno legend Surgeon. The second was the dark, submersive ‘Groove With It’ remixed by New Jersey’s legendary Dälek and ‘Protein’ remixed by The Bug.

    Ree-Vo begin 2022 in contrast with this their hookiest track on their album, a party throwing chorus spinning tipsy visitors around the intergalactic control booth of mission control. “Lift off, blast off, shirt off, pants off, bra off, Dance off! Naked in the dance hall SPACE BOX!” is the beamed mantra, rapper Relly transmitting to all occupants of the galaxy. “We wanted to make a hedonistic and colourful dancehall track, a bold response to the suppressive circumstances of the last two years”.

    Helping them on this seven’s mission are two remixes, one by NØISE (the musical collective of Joe Cassidy, Shepard Fairey, Merritt Lear and John Goff) and BATBIRDS (the duo of Joe Cassidy and Aaron Miller). Common to both of course is Joe Cassidy who recorded for Dell’Orso (as well as Rough Trade and Dedicated) as Butterfly Child. These mixes were made at the end of 2020, the record sent off to print in February 2021, five months before Joe’s incredibly sad departure from this planet, at least physically. So for all involved it’s a very bittersweet release, but another piece of art that Joe was undoubtedly thrilled to be involved with.


    A) Spacebox (NØISE Remix)
    AA) Spacebox (Batbirds Remix)



      Bristol hip hop duo release their debut 12” ahead of an album in July featuring a thumping electro remix by SURGEON (Dynamic Tension/ Tresor Records) and an extended remix by Ree-Vo themselves.

      The lp ‘All Welcome on Planet Ree-Vo’ due for release in July could only really have been made in one city steeped as it is in Bristol’s decades of less conventional hip hop and bass music. Tweaked and fine tuned during the summer of 2020 the record punches with a mix of red eyed paranoia to a playful future funk.

      T. Relly is pure Bristol hip hop royalty – known in the community variously for his links to all of the city’s major club nights, his passion and support for the most disadvantaged (through his work with the youth and prison leavers), through to compering stages at St Paul’s Carnival and his seminal 2018 lp with DJ Rogue ‘Let Them Know’. 


      A) Combat (Spaceland Remix)
      B1) Combat (Surgeon Remix)
      B2) Combat (Surgeon Instrumental)

      In life and music, Emma Tricca is an explorer. Just as ‪Davey Graham set sail for Morocco and ‪Vashti Bunyan for the Outer Hebrides in search of their elusive ‪muse, Rome-raised singer-songwriter Tricca has journeyed to London, New York, Texas and further afield to seek the heart of her own music. And like those renowned voyagers, she's returned with a set of songs that refresh the tired old folk form. Tricca's new album St Peter – created with a cast of supporting artists including global icon ‪Judy Collins, ‪Sonic Youth's ‪Steve Shelley and Dream Syndicate guitarist Jason Victor – takes a bracing plunge into the unknown, leaving the folksinger tag far behind with a rolling collection of reverie-inducing raw diamonds.

      It was encouragement from ‪Pentangle legend ‪John Renbourn that started Tricca on her lifelong path. An aspiring young player, she met Renbourn after a solo gig in Rome and impressed him with her fresh-cut songs. A move to the UK was inevitable, gigging around folk clubs first in Oxford and later in London, honing her craft as a songwriter and a fingerstyle guitarist. Extended stays in New York and Texas followed, before Tricca returned to London to begin work on her first melancholic masterpiece, 2009's crystalline long-player Minor White.

      The album was released on Bird Records, an offshoot of Finders Keepers run by husband and wife team ‪Jane Weaver and ‪Andy Votel, who'd been thrilled by Tricca's talent (and her Italian leather boots) at the Green Man Festival in 2006. They secured her a show at ‪Jarvis Cocker's Meltdown Festival in London, ensuring international exposure, a major European tour and a run of shows with her old friend Renbourn.

      Five years later Tricca released Relic, an album even more poised and precise than its predecessor. Scoring rave reviews across the board – 4 stars in Record Collector and Mojo, 5 in Time Out – the album added gentle percussion and plaintive orchestration to the established pattern of hushed guitar and heartfelt vocals. A collaboration with longtime friend and guitar wizard Jason McNiff led to 2017's sparkling Southern Star EP, while a song on the soundtrack of Patrick Stewart-starring US indie film Match raised her profile. But encouraged by Weaver – who urged her to 'explore the weirdness' in her music – Emma Tricca was hungry for a new challenge.

      The road to St Peter began with a chance meeting at South by Southwest between Tricca and producer and musician Jason Victor, and the formation of an instant friendship. During a Skype call one Christmas morning the pair decided to start work on a new project together, hauling in ‪Sonic Youth drummer ‪Steve Shelley and New York bass hero Pete Galub to help Tricca explore the rougher sound that was in her head. Recorded near-live at Echo Canyon West in Hoboken, the album draws on crunchy country rock, homespun psychedelia, Morricone soundtracks, New York underground grit and English folk grandeur to weave a wholly unique and surprising spell.

      More musical guests soon joined the party – gruff songwriting hero ‪Howe Gelb put in a brief cameo, while Tricca was able to live out a childhood fantasy by inviting ‪Judy Collins to appear on the album's penultimate cut, Solomon Said. As a teenage folkie Tricca had recorded one of Collins's TV performances onto VHS, and worn the tape out trying to mimic her picking style. Now they were working together, on perhaps the album's most startling, transporting track.

      The album is one so loaded with texture that is almost feels tangible, a rare record that feels precise and pristine in its executions but never sterile or lifeless. Electric guitars fizz away like a controlled electricity, Tricca’s guitar playing flows gracefully at the core with her vocals existing in the perfect state between slight rasp and caramel-smoothness. Shelley’s drumming and percussion gives a steady heartbeat to the record which is further brought to life by a variety of deft instrumentation, including piano, bass, cello, violin, glockenspiel and of course the variety of guest backing vocalists.

      Whilst St Peter’s deep-seated roots can perhaps be traced to traditional folk music, its finished existence feels far from such a thing - its ever-flowing essence skipping through genres, tones, paces and rhythms with a gliding grace. Perhaps even a touch of the spirit of Hoboken’s own Yo La Tengo has seeped into the finish record in its quiet yet stirring beauty. 


      Barry says: Moving from haunted demi-melodies and tenderly plucked guitar, imbued with tastefully echoing reverb and Tricca's delicate voice, influenced by decades of classic Americana and folk but sounding like none of the above. Brimming with emotion, and thoroughly enchanting. Superb.


      1. Winter, My Dear
      2. Fire Ghost
      3. Julian’s Wings
      4. Buildings In Millions
      5. Salt
      6. Green Box
      7. Mars Is Asleep
      8. The Servant’s Room
      9. Solomon Said*
      10. So Here It Goes
      *Featuring Spoken Word By Judy Collins

      Butterfly Child


        “Bridging perfectly the space in between Butterfly Child’s astonishing early EPs and the ravishing ‘Honeymoon Suite’ set, ‘Onomatopoeia’ is perhaps BC’s most startling opus – as gnarly and grainy as it is shot through with radiant light, as interested in the turbid sonics of street life as it is in the magical transportation enacted by great song writing, as prone to wide-eyed innocence as red-eyed reflection . The sounds here are spacey, dazzling, sometimes bumping with A.R Kane-style beats, sometimes a beatless chiaroscuro of analogue and digital wonder – always changing, always opening up new antechambers to wander and wonder in. Contemporaneous to Disco Inferno, Bark Psychosis and other 90s UK bands keen on finding new ways to make pop matter to the listener, ‘Onomatopoeia’ throughout stakes out its own unique turf - Cassidy’s sound and vision drawing in jazz, folk, psychedelia, industrial-noise and dreampop to craft an aperture through to other worlds, a window still stained poignantly with the detritus and drift of earthly life. Both stellar and concrete, hard-boiled and impossibly hopeful ‘Onomatopoeia’ remains a uniquely ambitious, properly transcendent masterpiece. Essential.”

        Neil Kulkarni, 2017.


        1) Ave 2) Our Lady Mississip 3) Lunar Eclipse 4) Who Said What To Whom 5) Young Virgins Call For Mutiny 6) X: Celcius 7) Cancer Killed Capricorn 8) Triumphant 9) Verte Ecole 10) Stars Light Up Orleans 11) Queen Glass 12) Eva

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