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Deary EP

    The eponymous debut EP by London-based dreampop duo deary on Sonic Cathedral. The six-track release is available on frosted clear 12” viny and on CD (with five additional bonus tracks and remixes).

    Their debut single ‘Fairground’, which came out at the end of January, was an instant classic. A mix of shoegaze beauty and trip-hop beats, it was amazing to see people falling in love with it in real time as it gained airplay around the world, a remix by Saint Etienne and hit number one on the Official Charts’ vinyl singles chart.

    The EP includes the follow-up, the deliciously dark ‘Beauty In All Blue Satin’, and new single ‘Sleepsong’, plus three other tracks, and follows their support slot with Slowdive at the Troxy in London. 


    Barry says: Deary mixes the drifting shoegazey heft of Ride with crisp trip-hop percussion, hypnotic bass plucks and dreamy pop vocals, resulting in a hazy fever dream of an EP, and a perfect release for the brilliant Sonic Cathedral.


    1. Heaven
    2. Only Need
    3. Fairground
    4. Want You
    5. Sleepsong
    6. Beauty In All Blue Satin

    CD-only Bonus Tracks:
    7. 2000 Miles
    8. Fairground (Hide In Glass Mix)
    9. Fairground (Saint Etienne Meet Augustin Bousfield At The Top Of Town Mix)
    10. Fairground (Extended Mix)
    11. Fairground (Live) 

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