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Dave Matthews Band

Walk Around The Moon

    Dave Matthews Band’s first album in four years, largely written throughout the pandemic, is as much a reflection on the current times as an urge to find common ground. The twelve-track album was recorded with producer Rob Evans in studios throughout Seattle, Charlottesville, and Los Angeles. “Monsters” was produced by longtime collaborator John Alagia. “'Walk Around The Moon' touches on my children, the futility of our struggles as a human race, gun violence, love, modern political discourse, gratitude.” - Dave Matthews


    1. Walk Around The Moon
    2. Madman’s Eyes
    3. Looking For A Vein
    4. The Ocean And The Butterfly
    5. It Could Happen
    6. Something To Tell My Baby
    7. After Everything
    8. All You Wanted Was Tomorrow
    9. The Only Thing
    10. Break Free
    11. Monsters
    12. Singing From The Windows

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