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DJ Fett Burger & Cato Canari

Para Siempre

    DJ Fett Burger & Cato Canari team up on this special collaboration release. Visiting that true Balearic spirit, a release that captures the sound, emotions and wunderlust of the White Isle (or some other paradise island of significant spiritual importance! - Ed).

    "Para Siempre" comes in two different flavours, reflecting both the embryonic / hippy vibe in that late 80s / early 90s and the more upbeat, modernist approach which started with the trance explosion and continues through tech-house and techno today.

    The "Italo Balearic" version hits that original flavour - with an evocative Spanish vocal drenched in reverb and paired to delicate cowbell and smouldering atmospheres, slowly introducing elements such as galloping synthline and ethereal strings and thus carefully conjuring upan expansive sonic vista.  

    The second mix, “Elements of Trance”, captures the spirit in a more modern way. A classy trance infused version (which modern Italo heads are gonna dig too I rek). Bit more energetic in style, but still with that melody and up-all-nite, smouldeting energy. No sleep till Tuesday! 


    Matt says: Cosmic super-Nords DJ Fett Burger and Cato Canari take an imaginary trip to the White Isle for a Balearic-inspired romp through the golden era of the 90s.


    A. Para Siempre (Italo Balearic Vocal Mix)
    B1. Para Siempre (Elements Of Trance)
    B2. Para Siempre (Italo Balearic Instrumental Mix)

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