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Sailingstars [remastered]

    It's been nearly 15 years since this originally hit the shelves, which literally took the immersive atmospheric sound of Echospace and brought it right to the floor. With cv313's "Sailingstars" the spirit continues as they go on to preach the gospel of deep with a rippling exercise in space and bass. A sort of slow motion movement in tone and 38 hz sub frequency which nearly verges on the disturbing, a sonic threshold quite hard to achieve in a vinyl cut. The power of repetition and subtle atmosphere are clearly demonstrated here by bringing the listener to an almost hypnotic state within its melodic spatial grooves. The B side offers two immense reductions, equally effective providing a low end throb, analog spirit and organic textures captured in zero gravity, it's like truly sailing among the stars. Lovingly remastered and mixed down from the original analog 1/4" reel to reel tape, strictly limited to 300 copies for the world. 


    Matt says: Steven Hitchell's cv313 project, alongside fellow Detroiter Rod Modal / Deepchord have been instrumental in shaping the dub-techno sound since its very inception. Sharing the top of the pyramid with Basic Channel over in Berlin, there's no-one can touch these seminal dreamscapes of static, throb and sonic winds. A crucial repress and one of those must-have records for techno heads.


    A. Sailing Stars
    B1. Subtraktive (Intrusion Twilight Dub)
    B2. Sailing Stars (Intrusion Reform)

    Nearly 15 years have passed since the original release with all tracks lovingly remastered for this new remastered edition; which also includes STL's first ever remix and sounds just as beautiful as the day we first heard it! As Bleep so elegantly stated, "Deep, reduced dub-techno with ethereal production nuances from Stephen Hitchell and Rod Modell. Both original tracks here reveal the duo's obsession with the likes of Maurizio, Basic Channel and Chain Reaction. Features a dreamy, minimal house reduction from STL.


    Matt says: 2nd crucial repress from Steven Hitchell's cv313 catalogue. Recorded when the project was a duo with Rod Model (Deepchord), it's a perfect rendition of rootsical dubwise bass technology, dreamy cosmic chords and rhythmic static that would define this most seminal of outfits. As is the norm - a beautifully produced, coloured 12" pressed that sounds as good as it looks.


    A1. Cv313 - Infinit-1 [original]
    A2. Cv313 - Infinit-1 [remodel]
    B1. Cv313 - Infinit-1 [stl Remix]


    Baring Stars

      New material recorded from cv313 since last year's release of "Dimensional Space" LP/CD comes in the form of an extended live set.
      A near hour long voyage through deep space was recorded live in a strictly analogue setting utilizing the mixing desk primarily as the main instrument.
      In the spirit of true-to-form dub tradition, this title pays homage to those who have embraced cv313's now classic, "Subtraktive." Pure sonic submersion to the deepest ends of the mind, body and soul, all will have plenty to enjoy. This is the gospel of deep......

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