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Michael Boothman & Family Tree


Band from Trinidad & Tobago, led by the internationally renowned lead guitarist guitarist and songwriter Michael Boothman. Tabu and So Dey Say were recorded in 1972 and would remain Family Tree’s only recordings. Limited edition of 500 copies worldwide!
Family Tree represented a new generation re-discovering Trinidadian folk music forms and giving them a contemporary treatment. Family Tree infused old Shango rhythms in their new sound and were the first to experiment with steel pan fused with standard instrumentation.

Tabu is a cover of a Cuban standard made popular in Trinidad by 1950s calypso musicians Cyril Diaz and his Orchestra and So Dey Say was an original composition by David Boothman.

Although they only ever recorded these two songs, the band toured with Derek Walcott's Trinidad Theatre Workshop and forged long standing musical connections with some of the country's leading musicians. 

Leston Paul’s killer compilation ‘Let’s Party Tonight’ alongside Barbara Hernandez’s hit single ‘All Nite Tonight’ is listed within one of the most difficult-to- -find boogie disco tracks around. If all records sounded like this how much easier would our lives be. Barbara serves up a slice of slice of tropical disco so sweet it could bring on type 1 diabetes with just one listen. You could easily have this on rotation and never fail to enjoy ever second of it.


David says: Everything you could possibly want from a disco record is present and correct, heavenly slap bass groove? Check. Steel drum breakdown? Check. Solo on incredibly cheap but amazing sounding Casio keyboard? Yep, they're all here for your listening pleasure. Oh and the VG copy on discogs is $600. Now I don't know about you but in our house that's quite a lot of money.

Various Artists

Sly & Robbie Present Taxi Gang In Discomix Style 1978-1987

New compilation featuring a collaboration between Bear Family Records / Cree Records, Sly & Robbie, reggae historian Steve Barrow and reggae expert Noel Hawks. Lovers rock style versions of American R&B and classic soul. These versions of contemporary and vintage soul songs show Sly and Robbie's immense versatility, arranging skills and muscianship on covers of some true classics, including "Sexual Healing", "Rainy Night In Georgia" and "Fever". All are sung with panache and feeling by the various vocalists and backed up with superior rhythms, showcased here with full-length versions, from Sly and Robbie. It shows just how much impact the duo have had on both the reggae community and the global music industry as a whole - pushing the sound to the rest of the world and becoming household names in the process. An expertly sequenced set, pressed and presented in deluxe form, with each track given loads of space (and therefore detail) on the wax! A wonderful item!

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