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Michael Boothman & Family Tree


    Band from Trinidad & Tobago, led by the internationally renowned lead guitarist guitarist and songwriter Michael Boothman. Tabu and So Dey Say were recorded in 1972 and would remain Family Tree’s only recordings. Limited edition of 500 copies worldwide!
    Family Tree represented a new generation re-discovering Trinidadian folk music forms and giving them a contemporary treatment. Family Tree infused old Shango rhythms in their new sound and were the first to experiment with steel pan fused with standard instrumentation.

    Tabu is a cover of a Cuban standard made popular in Trinidad by 1950s calypso musicians Cyril Diaz and his Orchestra and So Dey Say was an original composition by David Boothman.

    Although they only ever recorded these two songs, the band toured with Derek Walcott's Trinidad Theatre Workshop and forged long standing musical connections with some of the country's leading musicians. 

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