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The first Peach Discs release of 2024 comes from the Cloudsteppers dream team of Dan Only and returning label favourite Ciel. The increasingly prolific Toronto-based duo have blessed us with four tracks of floor-focused, 4x4 garage tunes drenched in their singular melodic sensibilities.

In their own words: 'For our second record as Cloudsteppers, we went back into the studio with the intent of making functional garage tunes aimed at the dancefloor. Leaning into what created the distinct sound of our first record, we relied on Ciel’s Korg ESX-1 and Dan Only’s MPC 2000XL to lay down the foundations of each of these tunes. Skippy and bass-heavy, these 4 tracks are the result of our UK-leaning sonic experiments. Whether it’s the bubbling bass of Aqua Hotel, the tech-leaning grooves of Control ft. Eden Samara, the M1 organ in Duckstep, or the skippy drums of TDG, this is Cloudsteppers' twist on UKG.'

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves – hope you like the record.


Matt says: Squelchy in parts, pumping in others; mutant house and techy garage tackle here from Cloudsteppers. Certainly has that bright n breezy Toronto sound wrapped up nicely.


Aqua Hotel
Control Ft. Eden Samara

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