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Men Of The Cloth

    Recorded to mark the 30th Anniversary of their debut ‘Dad Man Cat’ and the follow-up ‘High Havoc’, Corduroy return with an new mini-album: ‘Men of the Cloth.’

    Sitting perfectly at the corded fringe between acid jazz and rising Britpop, Corduroy emerged in 1991 out of the ashes of cult band Boys Wonder, and made three increasingly brilliant albums on Acid Jazz. They also became one of the top live acts of their generation. After an 18-year hiatus, they returned with ‘Return of the Fabric Four in 2018, and remain a draw on the live circuit.

    Featuring the popular sides from last years limited-edition 7” single ‘No More Me Me Me’ and ‘Hypnotoad’, ‘Men of the Cloth’ features four new cuts from the same Corduroy cloth - a heady mix of swinging sixties soundtracks, pop art imagery and Jazz-Funk in equal measure. A must-have addition to one of the founding acts of Acid Jazz.


    Secret Measure

      Glasgow-based twin-sibling duo Cloth (Rachael and Paul Swinton) release ‘Secret Measure’ their first full-length release on Rock Action Records (Mogwai, Arab Strap, The Twilight Sad) following the four-song ‘Low Sun EP’ (2022). The album was produced by Ali Chant (Yard Act, Katy J Pearson, Squirrel Flower) at Toybox Studios.


      Barry says: Angular post-rock structures and flickering percussion sit perfectly below the hypnotic hushed vocals. Driven, dreamy and full of moments of unexpected syncopation and cumulative heft. A feat of songwriting prowess, and a really enjoyable listen.


      Low Sun EP

        Glasgow’s Cloth announce their return with new music by way of a 4 track EP and their first release for their new label Rock Action Records. “Lucid” is resplendent yet brooding, offering airy dream-like, haunting vocals over dark guitar riffs and resonating percussion - a perfect moment of minimal alternative rock. Guitarist Paul Swinton says ”It was the first song we wrote for the EP and it felt like it set a tone for where we should go with the other songs - somewhere darker and bigger. The song is about being wrapped up in a situation you feel you have no control over then realising you do have the ability and agency to change things for the better.”

        This physical EP is a limited pressing and is available on ice blue coloured 12" vinyl and includes download code.

        It will appeal to fans of The XX, Cocteau Twins, Beachhouse and Warpaint.


        1. Old Stories
        2. Lucid
        3. Low Sun
        4. Sidecar


        According To Your Cloth

          Following up one of the most truly obscure, cult electronica offerings to date, BYO-JO finally get round to dropping release no. 2, twenty four years later!! Somewhat of a golden treasure around these parts, BY01 - the "Space Disco EP" by Slow Rota and various artists fetches upwards of £80 if and when it surfaces 2nd hand. I think there MAY be a copy in Vinyl Exchange at the moment if you're lucky! Unheard through online platforms, googling the release's titles ain't gonna get you very far either... there's very few records left with so much mystery surrounding them!

          Anyway, label owner and contributor, Andrew has been kind enough to bring forth the latest offering. Artist going under the name Caution! Horses. The vibe sees cushion soft electronics toying with cerebral drones and organic chimes. Recalling the childlike brilliance of fellow North West experimentalist, Solar Power Buddha whilst paying respect to industrial pioneers Chris & Cossy and their Throbbing Gristle moniker. There's more than a nod to Detroit techno and its futuristic slant; yet there's a primitive and simple beauty to the tracks displayed, shunning them from a particular chronology. Crowning glory for me is "Moment Is The Message", which sees hardwired, DIY electronix merged with splurging analogue phlegm and a Kraut-informed drum palette. "K-Balcony" is a shimmering, content and sublime number, unpacking your woes and strains on a white sandy beach as the waves lap around your ankles. Caution! Horses' skilled piano work rubs you up and down as a highly musical piece is rolled out effortlessly; bliss is the air and vigor on the horizon! "Every Cloud" concludes the breathtaking long player in a suitably otherworldly way; recalling the best bits of B12 and Model 500 as eerie atmospheres wash over rigid, mechanized beats. It's another stone cold epic addition into the annals of UK electronica and in particular the freeform and creative sprit of the North West. Stupendously limited and most recommended - get those skates on folks!


          Matt says: A wonderful & completely under-the-radar offering of DIY electronix, forward-leaning techno and industralized utopia from local legend Andrew Odia. First release is one highly coveted and sought-after piece!


          1. Blue Mood (additional Production By Danny Webb)
          2. Charlton Place
          3. Jokers' Playtime
          4. Occasional Tracks #1
          5. Movement Is The Message
          6. K-Balcony
          7. Every Cloud

          Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth

          Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth

            The return of the legendary Tad Doyle of TAD, Hog Molly & Sub Pop fame.

            Keeping up a long-held tradition of bringing forth some of the heaviest music from the darkness of the Pacific NW, Seattle’s legendary Tad Doyle (formerly of TAD, Hog Molly), delivers his strongest songwriting and playing to date with his newest band Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth.

            This powerful trio of musicians, with Tad on guitar/vocals, veteran bass player Peggy Doyle and drummer Dave French (the Annunaki) release their long-awaited debut LP on Neurosis’ own Neurot Recordings. Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth bring together the collective and extensive rock histories and experience of the three members in the worlds of punk, hard rock and metal.

            Recorded at Robert Lang Studios and Tad Doyles’ own Witch Ape Studio in Seattle and mixed by Billy Anderson, Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth’s self-titled full length consists of five immense songs, with two bonus tracks on the CD. The record begins with an ominous eruption of riffs forged from deep within the earth, with “Lava”, and continues on this path throughout; a mammoth, relentless spirit on a timeless journey. This album is as much a persistent thudding body punch of sonic destructive force as it is a thoughtful statement of awareness and the inescapable raw condition of life.

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