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Chris Carter

Electronic Ambient Remixes Three

    Electronic Ambient Remixes Three was originally released in 2001 and includes ambient remixes and soundscapes utilising Chris Carter’s original Throbbing Gristle rhythm tapes from the 70s and 80s. Tracks from this instrumental series have been used internationally in gallery installations, performed at numerous electronic music festivals, featured on TV and radio broadcasts and within Hollywood movie trailers.

    Chris Carter

    Electronic Ambient Remixes One - Reissue

      Electronic Ambient Remixes One was originally released in 2000 and includes ambient remixes and reinventions of the album ‘The Space Between’. Tracks from this instrumental series have been used internationally in gallery installations, performed at numerous electronic music festivals, featured on TV and radio broadcasts and within Hollywood movie trailers. Electronic Ambient Remixes One is now available for the first time on double violet coloured vinyl as well as CD, download and streaming.

      Chris Carter

      Archival Recordings: 1973 - 1977

        ‘Archival Recordings: 1973 - 1977’: Originally only available in the now sold out ‘Miscellany’ vinyl box set released in 2018. 13 tracks that Chris found in his archive from years before he formed Throbbing Gristle with Cosey, Sleazy and Genesis. They show a young mind curious about electronic sound and melody, yet sound like a fully formed album that should never have been left in the archive for 40+ years. A perfect companion piece to his latest album ‘Chris Carter’s Chemistry Lessons Volume One’.


        Nodes - 1973
        Head Less - 1974
        Hegel Vogt - 1974
        Null - 1974
        Runclodler - 1974
        Hexfoil - 1975
        Jet Age - 1975
        Warm Hair - 1975
        Variables - 1976
        Wybbel - 1976
        Black Powder - 1977
        Ghost Trains - 1977
        See Sick - 1977

        Chris Carter


          ‘Disobedient’: Chris Carter’s live documentation of his performance at the legendary Disobey Club in London, Manchester and Vienna from October 1995. Double vinyl in gatefold sleeve with bonus track ‘Disobedient Redux’ recorded in 2018.


          Disobedient Redux

          Chris Carter

          Mondo Beat

            ‘Mondo Beat’: Chris Carter’s second solo album, originally released in 1985. Includes the haunting classic track ‘Moonlight’.

            TRACK LISTING

            Real Life
            Mondo B
            Beyond Temptation

            Chris Carter

            Small Moon

              ‘Small Moon’: Originally released in 1999. A pulsing classic that takes you down to the nightclub and floats you home. Double vinyl in gatefold sleeve with bonus track ‘Small Moon Redux’ from 2018.

              TRACK LISTING

              Soho… 3am
              Small Moon Redux

              Chris Carter

              Chris Carter’s Chemistry Lessons Volume One.1: Coursework (Inc. Daniel Avery, Radiophonic Workshop & Chris Liebing Remixes)

                Remixes from Chris Carter’s "Chemistry Lessons Volume One.1: Coursework" alongside a new piece - "Bongo Glow".

                A work in progress at the time the album was completed, "Bongo Glow" was completed using the same processes as the rest of "CCCLV1", and it juusst about made the cut for the Japanese release date. But for you lucky listeners Mute have ensured its inclusion here. A slowly morphing, elasticated track with mangled, computerized vox, playful melodies and push-pull rhythms; it's deliciously quirky and textured and should appeal to both die hard electronica fans and lovers of leftfield pop.

                The additional three reworkings included here were created without direct instruction as an experiment to see how they changed with input from external sources. Daniel Avery’s remix of "Usyring" is a slow building, mesmerizing industrial pounder which fits perfectly with the producer's current MO. 

                Meanwhile The Radiophonic Workshop took "Blissters" and created a more experimental reworking exectued in their unique style and Chris Liebing gives "Tones Map" a brooding end-of-world type feel, adding his 'Slow Burn' remix technique.

                TRACK LISTING

                Bongo Glow
                Uysring (Daniel Avery Remix)
                Blissters (Radiophonic Workshop Remix)
                Tones Map (Chris Liebing Burn Slow Remix)

                Chris Carter


                  CHRIS CARTER, who recently released his first solo album release in 17 years, the acclaimed Chris Carter’s Chemistry Lessons Volume One, has announced details of Chemistry Lessons Volume 1.1 Coursework, a new EP featuring remixes from Daniel Avery, Chris Liebing, the Radiophonic Workshop as well as a rare track, ‘Bongo Glow’, previously only available on the Japanese edition of the album.

                  Radiophonic Workshop, an important influence to Carter on the recent album, have remixed very few artists but for this EP the recently reactivated pioneering electronic experimenters have reworked ‘Blissters’. Chris Liebing’s reworking of ‘Tones Map’ is the latest in his Burn Slow series (which includes remixes of Depeche Mode, Goldfrapp and a brand new album release), ‘Bongo Glow’ was recorded after Chemistry Lessons Volume One was completed, and Daniel Avery’s remix of ‘Uysring’, the first track to be shared from the EP, can be heard here:

                  In addition, Chris Carter has announced the first details of a new box set of his early work, collating remastered (and mastered for the first time) solo albums alongside a disc of unreleased archival recordings from 1973-1977.

                  Chris Carter’s Miscellany will be available as a limited - 1000 - 6-piece vinyl box set with 12-page 12” sized booklet featuring rare and unseen images, synthesiser schematics and ephemera from Chris Carter’s archive. Both Disobedient and Small Moon will be available here for the first time on vinyl. The CD box set will contain 4-CDs and a 24-page booklet.

                  TRACK LISTING

                  1 Moonlight
                  2 Real Life
                  3 Noevil

                  1 Mondo B
                  2 Nobadhairdo
                  3 Beyond Temptation

                  1 Pantavistiq
                  2 Pulsec
                  3 Solomo

                  1 Lixiez
                  2 TVX
                  3 Chakutut

                  1 Versix
                  2 Sublev
                  3 Domank

                  1 Disobedient Redux

                  1 Arcadia
                  2 Praxiz

                  1 Klypp'D
                  2 Non-Pop

                  1 Reazymn
                  2 Soho… 3am

                  1 Small Moon Redux

                  1 Nodes - 1973
                  2 Head Less - 1974
                  3 Hegel Vogt - 1974
                  4 Null - 1974
                  5 Runclodler - 1974
                  6 Hexfoil - 1975
                  7 Jet Age - 1975

                  1 Warm Hair - 1975
                  2 Variables - 1975
                  3 Wybbel - 1976
                  4 Black Powder - 1977
                  5 Ghost Trains - 1977
                  6 See Sick - 1977

                  1 Moonlight
                  2 Real Life
                  3 Noevil
                  4 Mondo B
                  5 Nobadhairdo
                  6 Beyond Temptation

                  1 Pantavistiq
                  2 Pulsec
                  3 Solomo
                  4 Lixiez
                  5 TVX
                  6 Chakutut
                  7 Versix
                  8 Sublev
                  9 Domank
                  10 Disobedient Redux

                  1 Arcadia
                  2 Praxiz
                  3 Klypp'D
                  4 Non-Pop
                  5 Reazymn
                  6 Soho… 3am
                  7 Small Moon Redux

                  1 Nodes - 1973
                  2 Head Less - 1974
                  3 Hegel Vogt - 1974
                  4 Null - 1974
                  5 Runclodler - 1974
                  6 Hexfoil - 1975
                  7 Jet Age - 1975
                  8 Warm Hair - 1975
                  9 Variables - 1975
                  10 Wybbel - 1976
                  11 Black Powder - 1977
                  12 Ghost Trains - 1977
                  13 See Sick - 1977

                  Chris Carter

                  Chemistry Lessons Volume 1

                    Seventeen years on from his last solo release, the twenty-five tracks collected on Chris Carter’s Chemistry Lessons Volume One (CCCL Volume 1) were the product of six years spent working on solo material in the Norfolk home studio he shares with Cosey Fanni Tutti. CCCL Volume 1 reinforces Carter’s significant but often under-appreciated role in the development of electronic music - a journey that for Carter started ahead of his work with Throbbing Gristle (alongside Cosey, Peter ‘Sleazy’ Christopherson and Genesis Breyer P-Orridge), and continued through Chris & Cosey, Carter Tutti, Carter Tutti Void as well as his own solo and collaborative releases under his own name.

                    Here you will find music with a distinctly futuristic leaning, with insistent melodic patterns and a distinct sense of wonderment at the limitless possibilities of science. “If there’s an influence on the album, it’s definitely ‘60s radiophonic,” Carter agrees. “Over the last few years I’ve also been listening to old English folk music, almost like a guilty pleasure, and so some of tracks on the album hark back to an almost ingrained DNA we have for those kinds of melodies. They’re not dissimilar to nursery rhymes in some ways.”

                    That combination of traditional music and the backing track for exciting, potential futures gives tracks like ‘Moon Two’ and ‘Tangerines’ a sheen of inquisitiveness and quiet euphoria, while ‘Modularity’ and ‘Roane’ have an anxious, sci-fi noir charm. Elsewhere, the skewed voices of the meditative ‘Cernubicua’ add a calming, human note to the album, even if deciphering any specific lyrical content is largely impossible. “That's completely intentional,” says Carter. “Sleazy and I had worked together on ways of developing a sort of artificial singing using software and hardware. This was me trying to take it a step further. I've taken lyrics, my own voice or people's voices from a collection that I'd put together with Sleazy, and I’ve chopped them up and done all sorts of weird things with them.”

                    Carter began the foundation work for what became CCCL Volume 1 in the years before Sleazy passed away in 2010, and the death of Carter’s fellow TG journeyman had a profound effect on the development of the album. “I’d been accumulating a lot of material, just tracks and elements of tracks, and I was going to start putting it together just before Sleazy died,” he says. “That’s what completely threw me, and that’s partly why it’s taken so long, because of dealing with the shock of that.” Carter describes going through a long grieving process which manifested itself in some of the darker, more introspective tracks appearing on the album.

                    STAFF COMMENTS

                    Barry says: There aren't many driving forces in electronic music as influential as throbbing gristle, and Chris Carter's role cannot be understated. Here we get a distillation of his influences from minimal wave industrial into cosmic and krautrock. Brilliantly evocative and enthralling.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    1. Blissters
                    2. Tangerines
                    3. Nineteen 7
                    4. Cernubicua
                    5. Pillars Of Wah
                    6. Modularity
                    7. Field Depth
                    8. Moon Two
                    9. Durlin
                    10. Corvus
                    11. Tones Map
                    12. Dust & Spiders
                    13. Gradients
                    14. Lab Test
                    15. Shildreke
                    16. Uysring
                    17. Ghosting
                    18. Noise Floor
                    19. Post Industrial
                    20. Rehndim
                    21. Roane
                    22. Time Curious Glows
                    23. Ars Vetus
                    24. Hobbs End
                    25. Inkstain 

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